Spin Around with One of These Swirl Hat Patterns!

I have recently fallen in love with what I like to call swirl hat patterns. These produce hats that have that funky swirling-spiral sort of pattern. There are two things I love about them. Number one, they’re not just practical, they’re art. These aren’t the sort of hats you grab at Walmart because it’s snowing and your ears are freezing. And two, whether you knit them with solid color yarn, variegated yarn, or in multiple colors of yarn, they will look amazing regardless!

Today I thought I’d share with you some of the most interesting free swirl hat patterns I’ve come across. I have a feeling you’ll find one, if not more, that you fall in love with, too!

Free Swirl Hat Patterns

Eyelet Swirl Hats: This pattern offered by Classic Elite Yarns offers two variations, a beanie and a beret.

Hurricane Hat: This is a very simple swirl hat pattern that knits up quickly and easily.

One-Skein Noro Swirl Hat: Designed to use Noro yarn, you could of course use any yarn you wish for this beautiful pattern.

Slouchy Beret in Noro Silk Garden: Another hat designed for Noro yarn (but can be used with any yarn) in a cool beret style.

Twirl and Tie Cap: Available in sizes from baby to adult, my favorite part is the cute tie top. If you’re not fond of it, though, you can leave it off.

Vertigo Hat: A swirl hat knit sideways, producing stripes that are more vertical than horizontal. How cool!

His & Her Knit Hats: This is basically the same hat in two sizes, one smaller (for her) and one larger (for him). But what I really like about this idea is that each hat contains two colors, and the colors are reversed in each hat. (I know, I’m easily amused!)

I think you’ll love knitting at least one of these swirl hat patterns, if not all of them!