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5 Delightful, Beautiful Free Patterns for Summertime Sock Knitting

Summertime, and the knittin’ is easy thanks to these light and airy free patterns, perfect for summertime sock knitting

The idea of hanging up my knitting needles in the summer is ludicrous to me. Do you feel the same way? I always wonder what on earth people who stop knitting when the weather gets warm do with their hands. Maybe they just never sit still long enough to worry about it?

(I am truly not that kind of summer person!)

For me, one of the great delights of summertime is the unstructured time. Summer gives me more knitting time… why would I want to waste it on non-knitting stuff? 

I’m exaggerating, of course! I do spend some time in non-knitting pursuits during the summer. (Clothes still need to be washed, food still needs to be prepared, and so on.) But I spend plenty of time knitting as well. The biggest issue with warm-weather knitting isn’t actually whether to knit or not, but rather what to knit.

Blankets and sweaters and hats and mittens aren’t necessarily the types of projects that interest me during spring and summer months. While the latter two aren’t terrible, they still tend to require super-warm wool. Honestly I have little desire to be around wool when I’m already warm.

Unless it’s sock yarn!

Sock knitting is among my favorite spring and summertime pursuits. Socks are portable and lightweight, and the yarn you knit them with doesn’t feel like it weighs a ton.

I also enjoy summertime sock knitting because they engage my brain more than, say, dishcloths. (I do enjoy dishcloths when I’m seeking more mindless knits, though!)

If you’re ready to indulge in some summertime sock knitting, I invite you to enjoy these five free sock knitting patterns!

5 Delightful Springtime Sock Knitting Patterns

Spring Forward: These easy-to-make pretty and lacy socks contain a beautiful motif with ivy and leaves. If you knit them in the soft pastel colors shown in the sample, they make beautiful springtime socks. Or, you could substitute oceanic blue or green to make pretty waves!

Sunshine: This sock knitting pattern is perfect if you need something warm on your feet but are sick of brown and gray. This sock pattern uses brightly colored Merino wool creating a gorgeous springy sock.

Tiptoe through the Tulips: This gorgeous sock knitting pattern will definitely get you noticed! These unique, pretty, bright socks feature flowers on the heels. You won’t ever want to wear heavy shoes again because you’ll be so busy showing off your handiwork.

Springtime sock patterns
Nasturtum Anklets
Photo: Kirsten Kapur

Nasturtium Anklets: Anything with a flowery name makes me think of spring, but this sock pattern calls for a loose knit and flower nicely around your ankles. Perfect all summer long, whether you pair them with shorts or a pretty skirt or just your jeans.

Half & Half: This adorable pattern is one of the most popular anklet knitting patterns on Ravelry. I absolutely love all the variations possible with this pattern! You can knit one of two different types of heels, and you can use multiple colors for the foot, toe and heel or use all the same color. You can even knit mirror-image style for a bit of fun. The texture of these socks allows variegated yarn to shine. Best of all, the body of the sock is incredibly simple; it’s half stockinette and half reverse stockinette (hence the name).

Spring may be springing, or summer may be blooming, but there’s no need to tuck away your knitting needles. And with thanks to these summertime sock knitting patterns, the thought will never cross your mind!

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  1. I love your dedication and all the new ideas in every email, thank you!!!
    I do hang up my knitting needles in the summer – I suppose I am a gardener in the summer and a knitter in the cold months 🙂 You are a great knitting inspiration, bless you!

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words!

      I understand–I too spend more time gardening in the summer, and sometimes I do that rather than knit, so I suppose I don’t knit *quite* as much during the summer as I do during the colder months. But I can’t stop myself from knitting, especially in the evening when I’m relaxing and watching TV. I have to keep my fingers active. 🙂 Thank you again!