Six Free Baby and Child Sock Knitting Patterns for Charity

Charity knitting opportunities are plentiful for baby and child sock knitting patterns. Charities abound, both overseas and in the United States, that would happily accept donations of baby or children’s socks. While it is easy to find sock patterns for adults, sometimes it’s a little more difficult to find patterns for babies and children’s socks. But you’re in luck, as here we have rounded up six of the most popular patterns for baby’s socks and children’s socks!

Three Popular Baby Sock Patterns

Baby Socks: Simple and sweet! This pattern is written in both German and English. Just scroll down for the English translation. Jelly Bean Baby Socks: An adorable pair of booties that makes a great gift as well as a charity project! Garter Stripe Baby Socks: These socks are a terrific way to practice sock knitting techniques.

Three Popular Children’s Sock Patterns

Most Basic Kids’ Socks: Just as promised, this is the ultimate in basic sock patterns for kiddos! Ribbed Socks for Kids: A nice, stretchy sock that fits a range of foot sizes. Love Socks: Aren’t these just the cutest socks? I especially love how each sock is a mirror image of one another. There you have it – a great set of free baby and child sock knitting patterns, perfect for your next charity knitting project!