How to Save Big Money on Shipping Your Knitted Donations

Do the high costs of shipping ever discourage you from sending your knitted donations to charities? If so, you need to get to know Pirate Ship

You’ve knitted a bunch of items that you want to donate to charity. Maybe it’s a box full of hats, socks, blanket squares, baby clothes, scarves, children’s sweaters, or even actual blankets.

You’re proud to have finished all these wonderful projects, so full of color and texture, so ready to warm their intended recipients. You’re excited to send them to a charity that you know will gratefully and joyfully accept them…

… and then you’re hit with a with a two-by-four of hard, cold reality as you add up your shipping costs.

Sticker shock
Hello, sticker shock…

We’ve all been there, right? The high costs of shipping your precious finished projects to a worthwhile charity can come close to sucking the joy right out of your hard work.

This is a major reason why many if not most charity knitters stick to their own backyard for their charitable projects. It’s so much easier (and far less expensive) to walk or take a short drive to drop off donations.

Unfortunately, there are some communities where it seems no one wants knitted donations. Either it’s because of COVID concerns, or their policies insist upon brand-new commercially made items, or because it’s Florida and no one needs scarves ever.

What’s a would-be charity knitter to do?

Fortunately, eager charity knitters now have a big help with the costs of shipping knitted donations. Say hello to Pirate Ship!

How Pirate Ship Saves You Serious $$

With Pirate Ship, you can take advantage of already-negotiated discounts at both USPS and UPS. They offer discounts on international shipping, too!

(Note: as of now, Pirate Ship is only available for packages originating in the United States. They do mention that Canada is first on their list of countries to expand to, when they are able.)

You’ll need three things to start saving money with Pirate Ship:

  • Printer: once you pay a greatly reduced price for shipping, you’ll need your own printer so you can create labels for your packages.

Need a printer? You’ll find an incredibly affordable option below!

  • Simple kitchen scale: You’ll need this to weigh your packages, as shipping rates are based on weight. (Unless you’re using USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail packaging.) An inexpensive model can be found below!
  • Measuring tape: Fortunately, if you’re a knitter or a crocheter, you probably already own at least one of these! You’ll need it to measure your package, unless you’re using one of the Flat Rate Priority Mail packaging that USPS offers.

    (Did you know you can order Priority Mail packaging free from the USPS website?)

Once you have these items, you need not pay extra to use Pirate Ship! That’s right: you’ll pay no subscription fees, nor any one-time fees. Using Pirate Ship is completely free; you’ll pay only the costs of shipping, which will be far lower than using USPS or UPS yourself!

How to Use Pirate Ship

I could tell you how to use Pirate Ship, but then I’d have to—

No, just kidding! What I meant to say: I don’t need to tell you how, because Martha Richmond from Crafting Change made a fabulous YouTube video to demonstrate how to use Pirate Ship.

(Robyn Peters shared this video with the Knitting for Charity with Nicole Facebook group. Thank you, Robyn!)

Curious as to how much you could save by using Pirate Ship? At the top of this page, you’ll find a rate calculator. Fill out the information requested, click the button, and you’ll see how much Pirate Ship will save you.

Now then, let’s begin! Head over to the Pirate Ship website, create your account, and start saving money on shipping your knitted donations. 💰

I am so excited to give Pirate Ship a try, especially for my next Welcome Blanket project. How excited are you to save serious money on shipping your knitted and/or crocheted donations? Let’s avoid that two-by-four of sticker shock!

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Pirate Ship for knitted donations

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