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One Way You Can Help the Needy in Michigan with Knitting

Here’s a way for you to offer help to Michigan new mothers and newborns in need: knitting for Salvation Knitters

Having a baby is supposed to be cause for celebration. Bringing new life into the world should be a reason for great rejoicing.

Too often, however, that celebration and joy is mixed with fear.

How can I care for a baby when I can barely care for myself?

That’s a question that far too many new mothers are asking as they begin their journey in motherhood.

Stepping into the Gap: Salvation Knitters

The ideal behind Salvation Knitters is to provide needed items for homeless and low-income expectant mothers, new mothers, and their babies. It began in 2009, and since then it has provided many items to new families in need.

One nice quality of this group is that it has virtually no restrictions. You don’t need to worry about the kind of yarn you use or what to make. They will take literally anything you can provide!

Some projects they are especially in need of include blankets, hats, booties, socks, and other items for babies; and comfort shawls for expectant moms, which may also serve as nursing blankets.

They will gladly and gratefully take any preemie items you might want to knit, too!

These items go toward two fantastic organizations in Lansing: Hannah’s House and Shared Pregnancy.

Hannah’s House gives a home to up to 4 women during pregnancy and until the baby is 6 months old. During this time, they teach the women how to cook balanced meals, look for work, find housing, and many other things necessary for new moms.

Shared Pregnancy offers classes for the pregnant women as well as fathers. These classes offer the many of the same sorts of instruction as Hannah’s House. Shared Pregnancy also gives free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. The women enrolled in Shared Pregnancy classes can earn points that they can redeem for baby items like cribs and strollers.   

How You Can Help

This is a fantastic program for Michiganders or those native to Michigan. This group is based on Ravelry, so if you want to join you’ll need to join Ravelry first. (But it’s quick, easy, and most importantly free!) And if you’re already a Ravelry member, just hop right on over to the Salvation Knitters group and jump in!

You’ll find a lot of great ideas for possible projects in this introductory How You Can Help thread. For the shipping address for items, check out the introduction on the front page of the group. (It’s shown towards the bottom.)

And, of course, if you need free patterns, be sure to check out the Baby and Preemie patterns listed here, as well as Shawl patterns.

This is such a great way to care for newborns, new moms, and expectant mothers in need in Michigan!

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  1. Is the Salvation Knitters Group still viable? I emailed and have gotten no response yet. Maybe just busy?

    1. Hi Cheri, I don’t actually know, but you did the right thing by emailing. I’d wait a few more days (they may well be getting busy!). Let me know what you find. Thanks for reaching out!