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How to Help Needy Families with Knit Baby Cocoons & More

Your knitted baby cocoons (and other items for babies & toddlers) for Relief Share help needy families make better lives

Relief Share - helping needy families and babies

In the past couple of years, I have come to recognize how extraordinarily fortunate I am.

That’s a sharp departure from the first, oh, 40 years of my life. During that time, I was convinced that everyone else seemed to have it better than I did. Which, to be honest, isn’t uncommon in the United States.

I love this country, but there’s something about this culture that seems to consistently whisper your life could be so much better. (Okay, that “something” is probably just pervasive advertising.)

For some reason, it’s so easy to wish for a bigger house or nicer clothes or granite counters in the kitchen. It’s not as easy to be not only content with what we have, but grateful.

But I’m learning! I’m starting to realize that many people in the world, and even in this country, don’t have some of the creature comforts I take for granted.

Like that roof over my head. Like shoes on my feet. Or like plenty of blankets to keep us warm at night.

Sometimes, the simple act of gratitude is all it takes to encourage a desire, if not a need, to help people who aren’t as fortunate as we are.

Indeed, the more grateful I am for the blessings I enjoy, the more eager I become to share those blessings with others.

If you feel this way, too? Relief Share was created for people like you.

“Do you watch the news and wish there was something you could do about what you are seeing and not liking? Have you been waiting for an opportunity to come along where you could serve others and make a positive difference in the world?”

Relief Share

Missouri-based Relief Share came into being in 1992, when Richard and Carol Green decided to do something to help babies in need . Today, they collect a variety of items for babies and toddlers.

One of the most remarkable items they consistently collect are baby cocoons. Although they collect many other baby items, the cocoons set them apart. You simply don’t hear of many charities that solicit cocoons!

By the way, in case you were wondering: a knit baby cocoon looks like a cross between a sock and a sleeping bag. It’s a modern day version of swaddling clothes: tight, warm cloths that keep a baby feeling safe and cozy.

(You can find lots of free knitting patterns for baby cocoons here!)

Relief Share is always accepting items for nearby hospitals (especially emergency rooms) as well as a refugee center. You can take a look at their Projects page to see what they’re currently accepting.

You can also email info@ReliefShare.org at any time to ask about their current, most urgent needs.

How Can I Help?

You can find information on how to help thanks to the Relief Share website. You’ll learn the heart of Relief Share for people in need (especially struggling families and sick children).

Some of the items they need include soft yarn and other supplies for crafting, financial donations for support, and, of course, volunteers to knit baby cocoons (and other baby items) and send them in.

I also recommend taking a look at their Facebook page. Here you can see the beautiful items donated by other Relief Share volunteers. You can also find out where the donations are going!

Relief Share is a diverse charity reaching out to hundreds of people in need. If you want someplace new to share your love, Relief Share would love to have your kindhearted work.

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  1. What a wonderful article about Relief Share. Thank you so much for helping us help the sick and needy. Everyone is welcome to jump right in. There is no one paid at Relief Share, we are all volunteers and every donation, every penny, every item goes directly to the sick and needy babies and families and to those in crisis. All our patterns are free and can be shared and there are no restrictions on donations (any color, any size, any pattern – there is a place for the item or supplies to go) because we donate not only to the hospitals and organizations that help the sick and needy but we are hands-on at ground level and deal directly with individuals and their new little ones.

    If anyone is in the area of our home office in Houston, Missouri, we also give free classes in knitting, sewing, quilting, tatting, serging, crochet, weaving, and yarn dyeing. Thank you so much for your wonderful article.