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How Your Handmade Blankets Can Find Their Way to Needy UK Children

If you have a heart for needy children in the UK and love to make blankets, Project Linus UK would love to be your partner

I love recommending Project Linus to charity knitters. This U.S. charity has distributed handmade blankets to needy children all over the country since 1995.

But what if you live in the United Kingdom? Many readers of Knitting for Charity live here. If you’re a UK blanket knitter, are you out of luck?

Not at all! Welcome to Project Linus UK.

Introducing Project Linus UK — Helping Needy Children in the United Kingdom

I first learned about Project Linus UK in 2014 from a British charity knitter. Little did I know it has existed nearly as long as the American version — since 2000.

While they have focused primarily on quilts, many coordinators accept knitted blankets as well.

Project Linus UK has coordinators all over, including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands. They distribute blankets to many different social organizations and institutions that offer assistance to needy children.

These include:

  • Hospitals, particularly neonatal and special care units
  • Organizations that serve children with cerebral palsy, autism, visual impairment, cancer, and learning and physical disabilities
  • Homes and centers such as respite homes, homeless shelters, foster homes, and refugee centers

The children Project Linus UK serves are going through very difficult times. Growing up is tough enough without these added difficulties.

Imagine you’re one of these children, facing unsettling circumstances and uncertain futures. Now imagine that someone you don’t know has made you a beautiful blanket. That same feeling of gratitude and hope is exactly what so many children feel upon receiving a blanket.

Blanket Yarn Favorites

All the links below are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking, I may make a commission, and it costs you nothing extra. Thank you for your support!

Below are some of my favorite Lion Brand yarns to use for blankets!

  1. Hometown
  2. Wool-Ease Thick & Quick
  3. Heartland and Heartland Thick & Quick
  4. Vanna’s Choice

How You Can Help

If you love to knit blankets, Project Linus UK is perfect for you!

To find the coordinator nearest you, check out Project Linus UK’s website. There you’ll find the “Contact Us” page. Scroll to the bottom, and you’ll find every part of the United Kingdom represented.

Now, select your area, and you’ll be taken to a list of all the coordinators for your region. Choose the coordinator in the location closest to you for their contact information, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses. From there, all you have to do is contact the coordinator for details about guidelines and drop-offs.

Project Linus UK is a wonderful opportunity to knit for a well-established charity that has helped needy children for years. If you’re a UK blanket knitter, what better opportunity could you find?

Project Linus UK
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