Looking for the Perfect Place to Donate Your Yarn?

donate your yarn
If you’re seeking an ideal location where you can donate your yarn, check out Project H.A.N.D.S.

One question that I am asked A LOT is this: “Where can I donate my extra yarn?”

Of course, as knitters and crocheters, we tend to accumulate a lot of yarn. A few months ago, I confessed a dirty little secret: that I’ve never donated yarn. I insisted to myself that “I’ll need it someday!”

Fortunately, not all of us are yarn hoarders *cough*. Many of us are mature enough to recognize when we’ve got more yarn than we could ever hope to knit or crochet. And then we seek out people who could use it.

(Don’t you love how I say “us” and “we” as if I’m one of these generous people? Sigh.)

Anyway, my point is that I’ve found a truly special way that you can donate your yarn.

Seniors Reaching out to Their Communities: Project H.A.N.D.S.

Project H.A.N.D.S. (Helping Angels National Donated Support) started with a handful of residents from the Retirement Housing Foundation.

The RTF provides homes and housing for elderly people who can’t afford much, and several of the residents wanted a way to give back to the community. Many of them are in poor health or don’t feel strong enough to actively volunteer in the community, so they conceived Project H.A.N.D.S!

But Project H.A.N.D.S. doesn’t just consist of RTF residents anymore! As news of their good work spread, more and more people wanted to help out. So these days, RTF coordinates a multitude of community members with all sorts of local service organizations to ensure that all who want to help people in need can do so.

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Project H.A.N.D.S. is all about connecting people. The elderly ladies who knit toys, scarves, hats, and sweaters for homeless children know that their work is benefiting a child in need. When the donations pour in, they have the added satisfaction of seeing how their initial idea has spread across the nation.

When you donate to Project H.A.N.D.S., you aren’t just helping a homeless child. You’re lending your support to elderly women who aren’t content to fade away! The real joy of Project H.A.N.D.S. lies in women of different generations tied together by two things: a love of creating and a burning desire to lend a hand!

The Perfect Home for You to Donate Your Yarn!

I hope you can see that this is an outstanding way for you to donate your yarn. RTF centers would be thrilled to take your yarn (or fabric, if you happen to have that on hand) for their seniors to use. Feel free to contact your local RTF center and see if they could use any other types of supplies.

RTF centers exist all over the country. On their website you can find the location nearest you, along with their contact information.

For more information about Project H.A.N.D.S. and their missions, visit their web page. Here you can read about the many wonderful ways RTF residents have joined hands with their communities to make a difference.

So don’t be like me and refuse to donate your yarn. Find your nearest RTF and see if they would like to take your extra yarn. In fact, I think I’ll finally do the same!

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  1. I have a whole lot of yarn I want to donate but the RHF does not have any place close to me. Any other suggestions?

  2. I am in process of cleaning. Have a number of misc. yarn and a box of misc. material that I have accumulated over the years and no longer have a desire to sew since I am no longer working. I would like to donate to a charity that the yarn and material would be put to good use.