Ponchos and Ties: Free Dress-up Patterns for Children

When considering what kind of children’s pattern I could investigate today, I first thought of ponchos. I think ponchos, especially on children, are just adorable. They’re cozy and stylish, and girls seem to love them. But that tripped me up a bit – “girls.” I have never seen a boy wearing a poncho, and I’m not sure a boy would want to wear one. So I thought, “what could be the equivalent of a poncho for a boy?” I came up with the tie. Yes, girls sometimes do wear ties, but they remain mostly the province of boys. And you can really create a stylish knitted tie that is bound to be much more interesting than store-bought ties! So today’s collection includes knitted ponchos for young girls, and knitted ties for young boys. They make great gifts as well as sweet dress-up projects for charity!

Ponchos and Ties: Free Patterns for Children

Peruvian Spirit Poncho: Here is a very simple poncho pattern with an adorable, Peruvian-inspired geometric patterned stripe right across the center. Comes in both adult and children’s sizes. Warm Hugs Poncho: This gorgeous pattern knits up quickly and features beautiful textured stripes. National Bow Tie: This cute-as-can-be bow tie pattern uses red, white, and blue for a touch of the patriotic, but of course you can use any colors to eniven this sweet tie. Vertical Stripe Tie: Much like the bow tie above, this necktie can be customized to use all kinds of colors for the stripes in question. (Remember that like all Lion Brand patterns, you’ll need to be registered at their website to access the pattern. But registration is free.) Downtown Tot Poncho: The first of a few extremely cute poncho patterns from Lion Brand. This sweet pattern features a full fringe to make it extra cuddly. Seed Stitch Tie Recipe: This simple recipe uses seed stitch for an attractive texture. (Read the text below the photo; look for “you can download the pattern and chart here” and click the word “here.”) Dad Style Bias Knit Tie: Just as the title promises, this handsome tie is knitted on the bias for a really sharp appearance. Fun Fur Trimmed Ponchos: Nothing dresses up a poncho quite like fun fur! And poncho patterns don’t come much simpler than this Lion Brand pattern. Playful Poncho: Another Lion Brand pattern, this one uses two yarns of different colors held together to create a beautiful blended appearance. Long fringe completes the fun. Sweetheart Poncho: If you want to try something completely different – like a thin, lacy poncho — this is the pattern for you! So try a poncho pattern, a tie pattern, or both, and make magnificent projects for the children in your life – or for charity!

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