10 Free Knitting Patterns That Are Perfect for the Boys

free knitting patterns for boysHow do you solve a problem like knitting for a boy? With one of these terrific free knitting patterns

Let’s consider the problem of knitting for boys.

Not baby boys… not men… but boys from the age of, say, 3 to 19.

We all know this is challenging. Baby boys, well, there’s only so much they can do to avoid the hat or booties you know they need. Men are (usually!) old enough to recognize that they need to prevent frostbite with a hat, scarf, and/or mittens.

But boys between those two extremes? Hats, scarves, mittens, and so on are “uncool” or “too tight” or “uncomfortable” or “too girly.”

What’s an intrepid knitter to do?

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Here’s what we’re not going to do, especially if we want to knit for charity: give up! The boys-to-men population are often underserved by charity crafting. They really need our needles.

What we are going to do is find some patterns that are so stylish and “cool” that boys will find them hard to resist!

free hat knitting pattern for boys
Strib Hat
Photo: Kelly Williams

Free Knitting Patterns for Boys: Hats

Luuk: This is a fun little hat pattern that is actually available in sizes from baby to adult. It’s completely unisex, so you can easily make one for everyone who wants (or needs) a hat!

Strib Hat: This attractive hat pattern offers corrugated ribbing and stripes that you can customize in any colors the boy(s) in your life love. (Sports team colors may be especially desirable.)

Lyon Hat: This adorable earflap hat is just perfect for a little boy (or a teenaged boy with a childlike sense of fun!)

fingerless mitts for boys
Simply Ribbed Fingerless Mitts
Photo: Robbin Abernathy

Free Knitting Patterns for Boys: Handwarmers

free knitting pattern for mittens
Houndstooth Check Mittens
Photo: Sarah H. Arnold

Align Mitts and Simply Ribbed Fingerless Mitts: These similar fingerless mitts patterns featuring ribbing and lots of stretch, meaning you can make a pair for just about anyone. They are simple and completely unisex. (Oh, and in case you’re wondering if boys would appreciate fingerless mitts, the answer is YES. Every boy I’ve ever known, including those that don’t like wearing mittens, love fingerless mitts!)

Houndstooth Mitts: These are probably more appropriate for boys who enjoy a good snowball fight! (Note: the blog linked on the Ravelry pattern page is no longer in existence, but the pattern can still be downloaded from Ravelry.)

Free Knitting Patterns for Boys: Scarves & Tie

Tweedy Eyelet Scarf: Don’t let the term “eyelet” scare you away; the eyelets in this scarf add visual interest (and make the knitting enjoyable) but don’t look lacy or fussy at all.

Ben’s Knitted Tie: For the boy who has everything – or one without a tie (gasp!) – how about a charming knitted tie?

Diagonal Garter Stitch Scarf: This scarf couldn’t be simpler, but thanks to the diagonal construction, it isn’t at all boring to knit!

Men’s Ribbed Scarf with Accent Stripes: Yes, it’s called a “men’s” scarf, but of course you can also make this child-sized. The stripes add a nice masculine touch, while the ribbing adds visual interest in a subtle way.

It’s never going to be easy to knit for boys. But with these fabulous free patterns, you’ll stand a fighting chance of having your creations worn and enjoyed!

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