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Nettie & Friends Makes Knitting for Kids a Reality

Nettie & Friends is the newest knitting charity I’ve stumbled across. I instantly loved their mission: to help enrich learning for students by removing obstacles to success. Anyone with children in the school system can tell you that it’s not just about pencils and books. Educators everywhere are coming to realize, more and more, that it’s about educating the spirit and body as well as the mind. That’s why so many schools are focusing on the fine arts, on daily physical activity, and on making sure their students have a healthy breakfast and lunch. Nettie & Friends helps out wherever they need to and ensures that children at the Maxfield Learning Center, a special education program in St. Paul Public Schools, get the richest education possible.

What does that mean?

That’s all well and good… but for many of us, the concepts of ‘enriching learning’ and ‘removing student roadblocks’ are a little abstract. What is it that Nettie & Friends actually does? The Maxfield Learning Centre helps children with emotional and behavioral difficulties adapt to the school environment and learn to their fullest potential. In more concrete terms, some of the things Nettie & Friends do include: -Making sure all students have a hot lunch (and making that lunch available to parents as well) -Making sure students have clean uniforms if they need them -Taking students on field trips to give them hands on learning experiences -Buying supplies for crafts, activities, and meaningful learning -Providing emergency transportation or groceries to families who need extra help This small Minnesota school is making sure students have what they need to grow up physically, mentally, and socially healthy.

How knitting helps

That’s all well and good — but you came here to hear about knitting charities. Don’t worry: knitting for charity goes hand in hand with Nettie & Friends. How? The charity’s primary fundraiser is an annual craft sale, with all of the items also available online. If you check out Nettie’s website you’ll be amazed at how varied and beautiful these products really are. And you can help! Nettie & Friends welcomes year round donations of beautiful handcrafted items they can sell to raise money for their students. If you want to start knitting for kids, Nettie & Friends is a great place to start — especially if you happen to be from Minnesota and want to donate locally. The best knitting charities make an immediate difference in the lives of kids around the world. You can start right here at home by helping Nettie & Friends provide great experiences for these deserving kids.