Mindfulness and Prayer Join with Knitting and Comfort through Women4Women – Knitting4Peace

Knitting has long had a tradition of allowing one to be fully intentional and present. While we may knit in front of a television, while listening to music, or hearing a book on CD, we are still actively making connections between our minds and what our hands are doing, even if subconsciously. The charity Women4Women – Knitting4Peace encourages just such intentionality and mindfulness. For this group, help isn’t simply about creating items needed for warmth, comfort, or hope, although it is of course a huge part of what they do. It’s also about offering warm prayers, thoughts, and blessings of comfort and hope toward the project’s intended recipient. So much of the world is filled with conflict, war, and hatred. Isn’t it refreshing to consider how we might help to wage love, comfort, and hope instead through knitting?

About Women4Women – Knitting4Peace

Women4Women – Knitting4Peace provides handmade comfort items to people living in “places of conflict” both locally and globally. Locally, that conflict could be the twists and turns of fate — illness, injury, loss of a loved one or job, victimization from violence, or homelessness. Globally, the conflict usually comes in the form of war or institutional poverty. Comfort items have been delivered to Afghanistan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Domincan Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Nepal, Palestine, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and many more.

How You Can Help

Women4Women – Knitting4Peace encourages crafters who wish to join their cause to create with mindfulness of those you want to help. They encourage you to pray or think about those you wish to comfort, creating a product of peace. Items accepted include Peace Shawls for women; Peace Pals for children; Scarves4Peace for children and teenagers; Peace Caps for children and teenagers; and Blankets of Peace for families. Although they will accept these items and many more, as of this writing the group is in most desperate Pocket Peace Pals with tan, light or medium brown faces; mittens and gloves for adults and children; baby bibs, booties, and blankets; and quilted sleeping mats for AIDS orphans. There are other ways you can help. You can knit on your own, of course; you can join with a “Peace Pod” (groups of people coming together to knit for the organization); you can even create your own “Peace Pod,” if you want to get together with a group of knitters in your own community. Or, if you see a need in your own community and want to put together a drive of knitted items (scarves, hats, Peace Pals, etc.) for such people, you can become a Delivery Agent and do just that! You’ll find information on all the ways you can support Women4Women – Knitting4Peace on their Join Us page. For more information about this tremendous organization, the work they do, and guidelines for the projects they accept, please visit their website. You may also visit their Facebook page to see what others have donated and to read about deliveries made. This is a beautiful way to touch the lives of women and children all over the world. Consider how and if you might contribute to their comfort and healing through Women4Women – Knitting4Peace.