7 Free & Simple Baby Knitting Patterns for Quick Baby Gifts

Do you have a baby gift emergency? Need to knit baby gifts ASAP? Try one of these adorable, free, simple baby knitting patterns

Is there a knitter alive that doesn’t love to knit for babies? I have yet to meet one! I’ve also yet to meet a knitter who didn’t grow incredibly excited when s/he discovers a friend or relative is expecting.

YES! Now I can knit baby things!!

I’m happy to say that even if you’re a beginning knitter, you can find many simple baby knitting patterns. And if you’re a more experienced knitter who just found out a relative or a friend you haven’t seen in a while is expecting? Later this month?!

No worries. In this collection of free baby knitting patterns, you’ll find several simple yet darling projects. Any expecting mom-to-be will love to receive one of these!

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basketweave baby blanket - baby knitting patterns
Basketweave Baby Blanket
Photo: Lion Brand

Super-Adorable Knitting Patterns for Single Items

Basketweave Baby Blanket

  • What you’ll need: 1900 yards sport weight yarn, US Size 11 circular needles (at least 29 inches, to accommodate the blanket’s width)
  • Why you’ll love knitting it: Every baby needs a sweet, comfy baby blanket. This blanket will look like you put a lot of time and effort into it, even if you didn’t–making it perfect for the beginning knitter! A more experienced knitter who needs a baby blanket in a hurry won’t go wrong with this pattern, either.
Handsome Hoodie - baby knitting patterns
Handsome Hoodie
Photo: Lion Brand

Handsome Hoodie

  • What you’ll need: 750 yards bulky weight yarn, US Size 10 circular needle, at least 29 inches
  • Why you’ll love knitting it: This lovely, simple sweater looks like a cardigan, but it’s far easier to knit (and you’ll knit it flat). Once you’re finished, you may be so flush with satisfaction that you’ll knit a bunch more!
baby cardigan knitting pattern
Oh Natural! Baby Cardigan
Photo: Lion Brand

Oh Natural! Baby Cardigan

  • What you’ll need: 320 yards worsted weight cotton yarn, US Size 8 needles
  • Why you’ll love knitting it: If you’re ready to knit an actual cardigan, you’ll want to try this adorable, simple pattern! It couldn’t be simpler: nothing but garter stitch. No buttonholes, collars, or bands. Everything is knitted flat and then stitched up. Boom–done!

Bonus Pattern: Square Knitted Baby Hat with Pom Poms

  • What you’ll need: Worsted weight yarn, US Size 7 DPNs or circular needles (for body of hat), US Size 5 DPNs or circular needles (for ribbing at the brim)
  • Why you’ll love knitting it: Do you love the photo in the graphic at the end of this post? Want to knit a hat that adorable? The pattern linked to here will give you exactly that!

Super Sweet Knitting Patterns for Baby Sets

Baby Set - baby knitting patterns
Simply Perfect Baby Set
Photo: Lion Brand

Simply Perfect Baby Set

  • What you’ll need: 1,020 yards worsted weight yarn, US Size 7 needles
  • Why you’ll love knitting it: This adorable baby set is a sure-fire winner if you have a bit more time to knit. Did your best friend tell you yesterday that the pregnancy test was positive? You’ll love knitting a lovely basketweave baby blanket, plus a darling set of garter stitch hat and booties.
baby hat and booties knitting patterns
Oh Natural! Baby Hat & Booties
Photo: Lion Brand

Oh Natural! Baby Hat and Booties

  • What you’ll need: 320 yards worsted weight cotton yarn (if you’re also knitting the Oh Natural! cardigan, you won’t need to buy more yarn–320 yards will suffice for all three patterns in the project), US Size 8 needles
  • Why you’ll love knitting them: If you’ve got time left after putting together the cardigan linked to earlier, may as well add a matching hat and booties, right? These two patterns coordinate perfectly with the On Natural! cardigan, particularly if you use the same yarn on all three. It’s nothing but garter stitch. Piece of cake!

So whether you’re a beginning knitter eager to start some baby gifts, or an advanced knitter or needs baby gifts yesterday, count on these patterns. Any of these free, simple baby knitting patterns will be just what you need!

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  1. Nicole…..THANK YOU–I have been knitting for umpteen years and am embarrassed to tell you that changing colors has been extremely frustrating–as the stripes NEVER match! Until now…..and thanks to you….AGAIN….I am eager to practice your way of connecting two yarns!!! Perhaps now, when I knit hats–these will look “professional” and ease my “pain” of joining two colors. Especially when knitting for Operation Gratitude!!!! You are a genius. Wish I had had you as a “teacher” long before now! THANK YOU–you are awesome!!!!

    P.S. Excited about the organization you refer to in this newsy-newsletter. What would we do without you???

    1. Hi Nicole, I must have missed your tips regarding stripes! I battle with that too and especially at the edges! Please direct me to the link with info