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Here’s One Way You Can Help Needy Children in Maine with Mittens

Do you enjoy knitting mittens and want to help children? If so, you’ll want to learn about Maine MCH Mittens

Mittens for children - Maine MCH Mittens

One of the many reasons that knitters (and crocheters) choose to create for charity is to help children.

All of us were children once, and we know that sometimes it can be tough to be a child. It can be even tougher if one lives in a family that struggles to support them.

The United States has many service organizations across the country that work tirelessly to lift children in such circumstances. One such organization is the Maine Children’s Home in Waterville, Maine. This program provides aid to needy children and families throughout central Maine.

As the organization states on its website:

As a safety net for some of Maine’s most vulnerable people, we provide a safe, healthy and respectful environment where they are encouraged to thrive. With loving guidance and nurturing, we help youth make responsible choices and instill positive values they can immediately pass on to their own children. We work with families to nurture healthy relationships and closeness, giving parents the support and encouragement they need to effectively meet their responsibilities to their children.

Some of the services provided by Maine Children’s Home include adoption assistance (including counseling), early childcare and education for children from birth to age 5, children’s counseling, a parenting educational program from pregnant and parenting teenagers, summer camp scholarships, and the Christmas Program.

The Christmas program is precisely where knitters and crocheters, through Maine MCH Mittens, has the opportunity to provide genuine support! Maine MCH Mittens is dedicated to providing mittens for the MCH Christmas Program.

Every year, the Christmas Program distributes boxes of gifts and clothing to needy families throughout the state of Maine. Gifts include new toys, books, games, and new warm clothing. But while the program’s efforts culminate at Christmastime, they collect donations for this effort all year round.

Want more ways to help needy people with mittens? Check out Mittens for Detroit and how to create a mitten tree!

How You Can Help Maine MCH Mittens Offer Assistance to Needy Children

This is the perfect project for you to contribute to if you love making mittens! First, Maine MCH Mittens requests that you stick with solid-color mittens. They also stress that they need all sizes, but especially they need the smallest sizes and the largest sizes.

Note that they do not want attaching strings (meaning strings attaching one mitten to the other). However, they would like you to tie together finished mittens at the cuff with a tag. (One of the group’s members created a tag on Google Docs that can be used by anyone!)

In addition, you can find other guidelines in the group’s Size Guidelines page. That is also where you’ll find a mailing address for the group. (Mittens will be sent directly to the Maine Children’s Home.)

Now, are you ready to dive in? Join Maine MCH Mittens’ Ravelry page and get encouragement and valuable information on this charity knitting effort.

What a wonderful way to help children with charity knitting in Maine!

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  1. I live in Maine and have no idea where Waterfield Maine is . I googled it and there is no Waterfield, but Waterville. Is this a misprint ?

    1. Yep, that is indeed a misprint, Joyce. Thank you for catching it! It’s being changed right now & hopefully will be changed by the time you read this comment. 🙂