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How to Get Your Chemo Caps to Cancer Patients in Need

If you’re looking for a great way to ensure your lovingly crafted chemo caps go to those who need them most, you won’t go wrong with Knots of Love.

Knots of Love has been in existence since 2007, offering beautifully knit and crocheted chemo caps to patients with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses all over the country.

This wonderful charity unites crafters with patients and their families, helping those struggling with illnesses in a way that is both practical and emotional.

Founder Christine Fabiani started Knots of Love after a friend of hers who had recently undergone chemotherapy saw one of her crocheted caps and commented on how much she would have loved to have had one when she lost her hair. Fabiani soon discovered the tremendous need for just such caps, and she was thus inspired to start the organization that picks up caps.

Those undergoing chemotherapy aren’t the only patients who receive caps. Many others do as well; these include burn victims, head trauma patients, those who have brain surgery, and those with Alopecia (a medical condition causing baldness).

Knots of Love not only picks up and drops off caps. They also offer many lovely patterns on their website, provide items you can purchase to help support the KOL mission, and even have an offshoot branch for children, KOL Kids, that encourages children to knit or crochet for charity to produce scarves, which are often easier for children to create than hats.

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How You Can Support Knots of Love

The most obvious way to support Knots of Love, of course, is to knit or crochet hats! Be sure to check their guidelines, as they have specific yarns they prefer you use. Remember, hats must be very soft and gentle, because bare heads are more sensitive than heads with hair, particularly those with hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Once your hats have been knitted or crocheted, check the Knots of Love website to see if there is a caps drop location near you. If not, no worries: you can send the completed hats directly to Knots of Love, and they will be sure to send them to a treatment center where they will find happy homes.

Other ways you can support Knots of Love is to visit their shop; they have jewelry, stitch counters, bags, wristbands, tote bags, and more! You can even purchase Knots of Love yarn (do double duty!) or a starter kit that is great for teaching anyone who would like to learn to knit or crochet.

Finally, you can donate directly to Knots of Love through their donation system. You can donate financially, donate gifts of yarn, or do both!

Knots of Love touches so many lives through their work. They’re a wonderful option when you want to donate your beautiful chemo caps!

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