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4 Free Ways to Offer Heartfelt Housewarming Gifts

These free knitting patterns for the home make wonderful housewarming gifts for a friend who’s just moved

Just as knitting patterns for the home make wonderful graduation, bridal shower, and wedding gifts, so they also work well for when you’re visiting a friend’s new home for the first time.

If you can’t afford a large kitchen appliance, consider knitting special yet practical housewarming gifts. Below you’ll find a wine bottle holder (who doesn’t love a bottle of wine?), placemats, and even knitted bowls.

One to make your gift really sing is to knit all of the patterns below, then give them together in a pretty basket or gift bag.

Your host or hostess will flush with enjoyment over this thoughtful gift. And they’ll love all of your time and skill that went into it!

Wine bottle holder

From my experience, bottles of wine are a favorite housewarming gift. If your host is a wine lover, bring a bottle or two of your favorite or his. Make it extra special and present the bottles wrapped in a felted wine bottle holder. This pattern’s many stripes say “notice me!” in a colorful way.

Place mats

You’ll want to find out your friend’s kitchen colors or dish pattern before you make a set of place mats, as they likely won’t use them if they don’t match something. Or, just knit them in neutral colors so they’ll go with anything!

I like two different patterns for place mats. This one is quite simple and includes an adorable little pocket in the shape of a leaf (perfect for stashing silverware). This one is also quite simple and lovely with its blocks of color.

To gift place mats, knit a set of four or eight and roll them up. Tie them with a ribbon or slide a napkin ring on each, and give them in a bread basket.

Nesting bowls

Nesting Bowls
Photo: Trisha Mitberg

These definitely make one-of-a-kind housewarming gifts! This set of felted nesting bowls can be used on the kitchen table, or various other places around the house. Adventurous knitters can add some faux food – knitted or store-bought – to the largest bowl and give that as a fun centerpiece. Smaller bowls will serve as handy catch alls in the office, bedroom, bathroom — just about any room in the house.

You never know when somebody will invite you to their housewarming for a casual lunch or a dinner party. Knitting a few of these housewarming presents ahead of time will guarantee you always have some personalized gifts on hand.

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