Knitted Hanukkah Decorations and Other Patterns for Jewish Holidays

For our Jewish readers, Hanukkah decorations and other knitting patterns for Jewish holidays

Frequently Knitting for Charity has featured Christmas gifts or Christmas-related knits; however, only once or twice have we featured knitted Hanukkah decorations. So today, I’ve rounded up for our Jewish friends (or our friends who have Jewish friends and are looking for gift ideas) this collection of patterns for knitted Hanukkah decorations as well as other Jewish holiday designs. 

For simplicity’s sake, I’ve divided these into three categories: dreidel patterns, menorah patterns, and Star of David patterns. There’s also a bonus category: patterns to make kippahs or yarmulkes.

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Dreidel Patterns

Knit Simple Dreidels: They are named for Knit Simple magazine, but these are also very easy patterns that can be whipped up quickly in either fingering weight or worsted weight yarn.

Dreidel Catnip Pet Toy: Why should humans have all the fun? This is a simple toy to make for a kosher kitty.

Dreidel Table Runner & Napkin Holders: This is my favorite pattern of the bunch. It’s stylish and simply a pleasure to behold.

Dreidel Dishcloth: Because you can never have enough dishcloths. (Scroll down until you see the photo of the dreidel dishcloth; the pattern follows.)

Menorah Patterns

Menorah Pillow: First, a caveat: this is not a free pattern, unless you happen to find Debbie Bliss’ book Handknit Holidays at your local library. But this pillow is so beautiful I had to include it. Check out the Ravelry page below and decide for yourself whether you’d like to give it a try.

Menorah Lace Washcloth: This is also not a free pattern; it’s available for purchase through Ravelry. But again, it’s a beautiful washcloth, and I wanted to include it just in case it looked like the perfect pattern for you or someone you love.

Chanukkah – Menorah: Finally, a free pattern. You’ll recognize this page as the same linked to earlier for the dreidel dishcloth. Scroll down (not as far as for the dreidel pattern) and you’ll find this pretty, yet simple pattern.

Borderless Menorah Dishcloth: This is also a free pattern, and as the title says, it has no distinct border as most dishcloths do. It is helped by the garter stitch body — the menorah takes form via stockinette stitch, rather than vice versa. Remember that dishcloth patterns can always be used as afghan squares!

Star of David Patterns

Magen David (Star of David): This is one of my favorites, as it creates a three-dimensional Star of David. And it’s all knit in the round — no seaming required!

Star of David Dishcloth: Here’s a tip: if you’d rather make this dishcloth in blue and white (rather than all one color with a textured pattern), you can! Just knit the whole project in stockinette stitch (aside from the borders) and rather than purl the stitches called for in the pattern, knit using a different color.

For instance, in row 6, where it says “K3, P16, K1, P16, K3,” you could knit 3 in white, knit 16 in blue, knit 1 in white, knit 16 in blue, and knit 3 in white. Or vice versa. (Just be sure to remember that the first 3 and last 3 stitches are border stitches.)

Of course, you can do this with any dishcloth pattern. But of all the pattern types listed here, it’ll be easiest to do so with a Star of David dishcloth. If you’d like a challenge, try doing the same with a dreidel or menorah washcloth pattern!

Mogen David Challah Cover: This cover is beautiful simplicity. Rather than the usual reverse-stockinette that creates a raised motif, this pattern uses seed stitch and bobbles to create a very clear Star of David. (The pattern explains how to make bobbles, if you never have before.)

Kippah/Yarmulke Patterns

Basic Knit Kippah (Yarmulke): This is the simplest pattern of the collection, yet it is still a fine-looking project.

Bukharin Yarmulke Pattern: This yarmulke uses colorwork to create a beautiful design. The pattern is designed to create a very stiff hat.

Sam’s Kippah: This pattern is designed for an older child or a young adult. It has two stitch pattern options for the sides.

These were all the free (and a few not-quite-free) knitting patterns relating to Hanukkah and Jewish holidays I could find. Do you know of any more? Feel free to let me know!