Yes, You Can Knit a Delightful Easter Basket for Free

Easter knitting patterns

Knit a full Easter basket for the children or grandchildren in your life with these free patterns

Springtime is finally here! And my thoughts are already turning toward Easter. My children are still young enough for Easter baskets to be a really big deal.

(Yes, that’s the case even though my older is 18. So what? I’m in my 40s and my mom still likes to give my sister, my husband, and me Easter baskets. Though they are a lot smaller than they used to be…)

Anyway, Easter has been my favorite holiday for many years. In addition to its importance in the Christian calendar, I just love all the symbols of new birth, new life, and new hope.

Not to mention the pastels. I do love a good excuse to break out pastel everything.

Do you have children, grandchildren, or even children you’ve never met for whom you love to put together Easter baskets? Have you ever thought that it would be fun to knit Easter basket elements… including the basket itself?

If so, you have come to the right place, my friend. With the free knitting patterns below, you can create a full Easter basket. All you’ll have to add is candy!

Make a complete Easter Basket with these free patterns

Bunny knitting pattern
Amigurumi Pocket Bunnies
Photo: Twins Knitting Pattern MiniShop

Felted Easter basket Instead of wasting money on a different themed basket every year, consider knitting one in favorite colors and use it annually. The felted wool means it will be nice and durable, perfect for an annual tradition.

Amigurumi Pocket Bunnies Your choice: you can knit these precious bunnies either in the round or flat and seamed. Since their faces are embroidered, you can give these little guys to babies with no choking hazards to worry about.

Easter Peeps
Easter Peeps
Photo: Kathy Lewinski

Easter Peeps Aren’t these just the cutest? I love how soft and sweet these ducklings/chicks are. At the end of the pattern, you’ll find two variations. One will create a tiny Easter bunny. The other creates a tiny comb that you can place on the birdie’s head to make it look more chick-like.

Knitted Easter Eggs
Knitted Easter Eggs
Photo: Julie Williams

Knitted Easter eggs These eggs may be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. You can knit these to use up leftover yarn, which is always a plus. Another plus: these will never go bad, so they’re perfect for Easter egg hunts! You can stuff the eggs or pull them over Styrofoam or plastic eggs.

These make especially beautiful additions to an Easter table!

Armed with this fun Easter basket and “notions,” you’ll have nothing left to buy except the candy!

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