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Knitting Bucket List Challenge: the Sweater Dress

Our next Knitting Bucket List Challenge comes courtesy of Janine. On our Facebook page, Janine wrote that she would like to knit “a sweater dress for my daughter.”

I am with Janine all the way here. I would love to knit a sweater dress! I love sweater dresses; I think they are so stylish. I have one sweater dress in my closet (I didn’t knit it – I’m pretty sure it was machine knitted), and it takes all my willpower not to wear it every time I go to church!

One thing I did not do was ask Janine how old her daughter is. So I’m not sure if her daughter is an adult, a teenager, or a young girl.

So to cover all my bases, I’m offering sweater dress patterns in an assortment of sizes. Some are for girls 4 and up (the Internet is full of baby and toddler clothes, so I skipped those); some are for teenagers; and others are for adult women.

Read on for a plethora of free sweater dress patterns!

Free Sweater Dress Patterns

Sweater Dress: Not surprisingly, this dress for teenagers and adult women was the first pattern to pop up when I entered “Sweater Dress” into Ravelry’s pattern search function! I fell in love with it instantly, though. Just look at those cables and ribs. Beautiful! (Click the “Download Pattern” button under the photo to access the pattern.)

Sparkly Sweater Dress: A sweater dress that sparkles? Hello, I’m sold.

Foire Sweater Dress: A simply adorable pattern for young girls (as well as toddlers). This is actually one of many very attractive sweater dress patterns from this website. For this particular pattern, after you click on “available for free” on the Ravelry page, scroll down the page to the 9th row of photos and look for “211F-24.” Click on the photo to access the pattern.

Dress with Kangaroo Pockets and Scarf: Designed for teenaged girls up to full-figured adult women. The only thing I love more than a sweater dress is a sweater dress with pockets! (The sweater dress in my closet has pockets – I love it.)

83-3 Dress: If you want a big, bulky sweater dress with a nice toasty turtleneck that will take you hardly any time to knit, this is the pattern for you! Designed for teenaged girls to full-figured adult women.

Sweet Argyle Dress: This adorable pattern that fits toddlers to 8-year-olds is as precious as its name.

Maxi Top/Dress: This beautiful dress, knitted completely in the round, is designed for ages 6 months to 9 years old. For tons more color combination ideas, check out the projects page on Ravelry here!

Color Flirtations Dress: This beautiful dress for up to 8-year-olds features a V-neck and lovely textured details. Again, check out the projects page for lots of terrific color ideas.

117-39 Dress: This beautiful dress flatters teenaged figures as well as fuller figures. It features 3/4 sleeves and a lovely beehive pattern at the top.

Day Job Dress: This pattern is perfectly delightful for teenaged girls or young women. It’s very simple and absolutely lovely.

Dress with Star Pattern Border: This might be my favorite pattern of the bunch! It’s another great pattern for teenagers up to fuller-figured adult women. The star border across the chest really shines, and the long sleeves and swingy skirt gives the dress a stylish yet comfortable appearance.

I hope this collection has inspired you to try a sweater dress of your very own (or for a special young lady in your life)!