15 Fun, Free Knitting Patterns for Delightful Slippers

You could knit simple, plain slippers… but why not have some fun instead? Check out these unusual knitting patterns for slippers

15 Fun Free Knitting Patterns for Delightful Slippers

Knitting patterns for slippers always make me think of my late father. Before he passed in 2012, I used to make Dad slippers for Christmas every year. This was necessary because my dad loved them so much he would wear them out!

It was also, of course, an easy way for me to have his Christmas gift covered every year. My experience with my dad introduced me to a fact I would quickly learn: slippers are never, ever turned down as gifts!

I made him the simplest of slippers, but a friend at my knitting group gave me the idea for fun and unusual knitting patterns for slippers. I immediately said “hold everything!” and wrote a note to myself for later.

So now, I invite you to enjoy this collection of the most unique and fun free knitting patterns for slippers available online. You’ll find everything here from animal slippers to superhero slippers and everything in between!

Free & Fun Knitting Patterns for Slippers

Red Heart Pet Pal Bunny Slippers
Red Heart Pet Pal Bunny Slippers
Photo: Yarnspirations

Pet Pal Bunny Slippers: Bunny slippers are always a favorite, and these are the cutest bunny slippers I found.

Lion Slippers
Lion Slippers
Photo: FreePatterns.com

Lion Slippers: These fuzzy-maned slippers are pure delight.

Ballerina Slippers: A lot of “ballerina slipper” patterns exist online, but these lace up like real ballerina slippers, so they receive a prized spot in this collection.

Eight Square Elf Slippers
Eight Square Elf Slippers
Photo: Cathy McCracken

Eight Square Elf Slippers: Pattern designer Cathy adapted two patterns – an eight-square sock and a felted slipper – to produce this adorable elfin-style slipper pattern. This adorable pattern runs from toddler to large adult sizes.

Aquaman Slippers: The first of two superhero-inspired slippers feature the colors and flair of the lesser-known but still beloved superhero Aquaman.

Patons Monkey Felted Slippers - Yarnspirations
Patons Monkey Felted Slippers
Photo: Yarnspirations

Wonder Woman Slippers: And here’s the superheroine who needs no introduction, with her own inspired slippers from the same designer as above! (And if you need help with the felting process for either pattern, this designer kindly also published a guide to felting.)

Monkey Felted Slippers: Styled like sock monkeys, these adorable slippers are knitted in wool and then felted for added durability.

Despicable Me Minion Slippers
Despicable Me Minion Slippers
Photo: The Knit Guru

Despicable Me Minion Slippers: Minion-inspired knitting patterns will never go out of style! If you have a loved one who’s Minion-mad, these slippers would make the perfect gift.

Dr. Who Tardis slippers
Dr. Who Tardis Slippers
Photo: The Knit Guru

Dr. Who Tardis Slippers: Dr. Who continues to be very popular in the world of knitting patterns! Make these for the Dr. Who fan in your life.

Animal Slippers: This is two knitting patterns in one: with one variation you can make bear slippers; with the other, you can make bunny slippers.

Cuddliest Kitty Slippers: These slippers are aptly named; they really do look adorable and cuddly!

Brainy Slippers: Now these are creative! If you have a super-smart friend (or maybe a brain surgeon in the family!), these slippers would be a fun gift.

British Sheep Slippers
British Sheep Slippers
Photo: Emma Wright

Chaussons Hedwige Slippers: This pattern is in both English and French, and they’re so appealing to me because they look like a pair of fuzzy winter boots. Maybe I should knit a pair. Then I could sew on soles and wear them outside.

(This would be disastrous, truthfully. Don’t do this unless your sewing is far better than mine.)

British Sheep Slippers: Not just sheep. BRITISH sheep. They’re so cute!

Felted Duck Slippers: Not slippers in the shape of ducks, but slippers in the shape of duck feet! These are so much fun.

I hope you enjoyed this whimsical collection of free knitting patterns for slippers. What would you like to knit?

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  1. This not a comment, it is a question. I do not knit but I do crochet do you accept crocheted items like hats and scarves? Diane Fitzpatrick

    1. Hello Diane, I do not have a charity myself. But most knitting charities will also accept crocheted items. Unless they expressly say that they do not accept crocheted items, generally they will, especially items like hats and scarves. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Mary! I have, actually — in the past I’ve used puffy paint, but the last time I made slippers for my dad I actually used a separate fabric that had non-skid “dots” embedded in it. Mostly because at that time my dad was getting a little unsteadier on his feet and he needed extra support. Puffy paint works well for most people, though, I think. Great question!