Knitting and Fundraising for Charity, Part 6: Free Knitting Patterns for Eyeglass Cases and Coin Purses

The final part in this series offers a collection of free knitting patterns for eyeglass cases and coin purses, great for charity fundraising

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We’re at the end of this series on charity fundraising knitting! When I started this series, I had no idea it would take 6 articles to cover this topic. But I hope you’re gathering a ton of ideas for the next opportunity you have to knit for a fundraiser.

In this collection we’re firmly in the “practical” end of the spectrum. I have no idea what percentage of people in the world require eyeglasses, but it has to be at least 50%. You’re certainly not likely to enter any public place without seeing anyone who wears glasses. That means you have a ton of potential customers right there, because everyone who needs glasses also needs a place to keep their glasses!

The same goes with coin purses. Now granted, this is a strictly 50 percent proposition because most men don’t carry them. But nearly every woman at some point needs a coin purse. Young girls especially love them (at least before they’re old enough for a checking account!). And the cuter and more fun they are, the better.

I hope you enjoy these final collections of free knitting patterns!

Free Knitting Patterns for Eyeglass Cases

Scalloped Eyeglass Case: Let’s start simple. This case is a cinch to make, and its lovely scalloped pattern adds so much interest.

Knee Sock for Your Reading Glasses: And now let’s jump right into silly. This pattern is a lot more fun than keeping your glasses in a yucky old sock, don’t you think?

Dad’s Sunglasses Case: Got a craft fair, raffle, or auction in June? This case is a great potential gift for Dad! You can also change out the colorwork so it reads something other than “Dad.” Or you could keep it and say “hands off, everyone else, Dad needs something of his own.” (Or maybe I just channeled my own father for a minute there. Ahem.)

Swirly Felted Glasses Case: Knit it, felt it, and watch folks flock to your adorable design.

Little Owl Sunglasses Case: Yes, well, you know by now how I feel about owls. I especially love this pattern because the owl is perched on a tree branch. *cue squeals of delight*

Mini-Bag Glasses Case: If you have eyelash yarn and are dying to use it for something, try this fun pattern!

Retro Glasses Case: I just love the retro look of the glasses picture pattern!

Cabled Sunglasses Case: And we’re back to simple, though thanks to the charming cables, this one looks a lot more difficult than it is.

Free Knitting Patterns for Coin Purses

Bunny Coin Purse, Frog Coin Purse, Kitty Coin Purse, and Piggy Purse:
Coin purses in the shapes of bunnies, frogs, kitties, and pigs. Talk about cuteness overload!

Felted Coin Purses: These purses are a great use for leftover wool yarn, as well as being a great way to practice a little bit of colorwork. Stylish and simple.

Beaded Double Rib Smocked Coin Purse: Beads and smocking allow this coin purse to sing “class” for days.

Smiley Coin Purse: Who can resist a coin purse that smiles at them?

Felted Clamshell Coin Purse: Or a clam that says “howdy!” every time you open it for change? (It doesn’t really say “howdy,” but it’s fun to imagine, no?)

Creeper Coin Purse: Got a kid who loves Minecraft? They’ll love this spooky coin purse. Even the boys. (Maybe don’t call it a “purse,” though…)

Poppy Coin Purse: Here’s another great sales idea for Memorial Day or any other kind of remembrance holiday.

Pinwheel PurseFolded Purse, and Snapdragon Purse: Oh, just Frankie Brown showing off her amazing bag designs again. Every one of these adorable coin purse patterns have special twists that make them irresistible.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series in knitting for charity fundraising. And I hope you’re now filled with ideas and are prepared for the next opportunity you have to offer items for sale, auction, or raffle for charity!

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