Knitting and Fundraising for Charity, Part 4: Free Knitting Patterns for Cozies and Brooches

Enjoy this collection of fun and fanciful free knitting patterns for cup/mug/teapot cozies and brooches, great for fundraising

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Cozies are definitely the type of item that one never actually buys for themselves, and you’re not likely to see them in stores either. When was the last time you even spotted a mug, cup, or teapot cozy even in a “we-sell-everything” kind of store? That’s part of what makes cozies such a great item for fundraising.

And they really do have a purpose, too. For cups, mugs, and teapots, they help the hot liquids retain warmth. And for cups and mugs, they help protect the hands from hot coffee or tea.

And brooches? Brooches are usually purchased as gifts. So if they’re small, well-priced, and adorable, they’ll help shoppers knock a name or two off their birthday or Christmas lists. That’s why they can be hot commodities as well.

Meanwhile, the knitter can usually knit these relatively (or truly, in the case of brooches) small items in a short amount of time, meaning more sales potential. A win-win all around!

Free Knitting Patterns for Cozies for Cups, Mugs, and Teapots

Owl Coffee Cup Cozy Readers who know about my love of owls knew I had to put this one first.

Steek This Coffee Cozy: This is a truly beautiful pattern that comes with an added bonus for the knitter: you can practice steeking (a scary-looking technique that involves cutting your knitting — yes, with scissors — eek!) in a relatively low-stress, mostly risk-free setting.

Pick a Pocket Cozy: This is a nice, simple pattern that offers a cute little pocket that can hold an extra teabag, or perhaps a packet of creamer or sweetener. So practical!

TARDIS-Inspired Cup Cozy: I have a ton of friends who love Dr. Who. That tells me this pattern, adapted from the TARDIS in that show, could be a big seller.

Fancy Mug Cozy: This is the first of two patterns that are actually designed for handled mugs. How do you cozy up a handled mug, you ask? Simple: you use buttons to secure the cozy around the handle. Brilliant!

Smocked Mug and French Press Jacket: And here’s the second pattern. I love the smocking stitch pattern, and I also love that you can use this for a French Press coffee maker (my coffee maker of choice, and one that’s becoming increasingly popular).

Foxy Teacosy: The name is self-explanatory: a tea cozy in the shape of a fox. Adorable!

TARDIS Tea Cozy: Of course there’s a TARDIS tea cozy. Did you not see the TARDIS cup cozy earlier? I told you, Dr. Who is a big deal.

Blooming Teapot Cozy: This is one of the prettiest tea cozies I’ve ever seen. The body is made with a simple rib stitch, and then you create the lovely flowers and sew them on top.

Tea House Theatre Tea Cosy: Lots of cables adorn this classy-looking cozy, which boasts a status as the official tea cozy of the Tea House Theatre in London. Fancy!

Free Knitting Patterns for Brooches

Before we jump in, I’d like to point out that many of these patterns can also be used to create hair clips. Just attach the finished product to a metal snap clip, and you have a beautiful hair clip that many young girls (and several women!) will love.

Ribbons of Hope Ornament I think this would be an amazing fundraiser for any cancer-fighting charity or organization. Just knit the ornament in the color of your charity of choice. Or, you can knit in many colors and have all proceeds go to a more general cancer-fighting campaign. Either way, this will be a meaningful fundraiser.

Holly & Berries Pin: Got a Christmas bazaar or fair happening? This brooch will be a big hit.

Remembrance Poppy: Likewise, if your sale is near Memorial Day (or any other day of remembrance), this poppy will be a great choice.

Rose Brooch: There’s never a bad time for roses!

Jayne Cobb Hat Brooch: This is a design based on a character in the popular TV show “Firefly.” His character wore this hat, which is quite popular with the show’s fans. It’s a fun design regardless of whether any customers will actually realize its significance!

Mitered Leaf Shamrocks: Another great holiday choice, this time (of course!) around St. Patrick’s Day.

Panda Pin: Pandas are one of those irresistible animals that almost everyone seems to love. Knit this adorable bear and watch people’s eyes light up!

Elven Leaf Brooch: This is another of those “cute-even-if-no-one-knows-its-significance” patterns. (For the record, the Elven Leaf comes from the Lord of the Rings.)

Bluebird Brooch: Have I mentioned how much I love birds? Oh, I guess I only mentioned my love for owls. Owls are merely my favorite birds; I love them all, and I think this bluebird is the cutest. I’d certainly wear this brooch!

Shawl Ministry Pin: These brooches might actually be better for gifts for a knitting group, rather than for sale. But I had to include these anyway because — well, check out the pattern and I think you’ll see why. They are so sweet!

Felt Butterfly: These, on the other hand, are must-haves for your sale, auction, or raffle. These beautiful butterflies are sure to be hits. They’re a great way to try out hand-felting, too!

Now check out part 5, where cozies for electronics (phones, iPods, and tablets) will have the stage all to themselves. You’ll find even more great knitting patterns for charity fundraising!

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