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Join Knitters and Crocheters Care for Charity Knitting in DC/Maryland/Virginia

If you live in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia, consider joining the Knitters and Crocheters Care mission

When I came across Knitters and Crocheters Care, I realized that I didn’t see many charities on this site in that part of the United States comprising Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. But that’s the area that this particular charity focuses on, so if you’re from that part of the U.S. and have longed for more charity knitting options there, this is the charity for you!

About Knitters and Crocheters Care

Knitters and Crocheters Care began nearly 10 years ago as a way to bring together knitters and crocheters for charity from the entire DC/Maryland/Virginia area. They get together multiple times a month, including three Saturdays, a Tuesday, and one day that changes monthly. The commitment to knitting and crocheting for charity is reinforced through these gathering times.

This group doesn’t knit for any one charity; it knits for many and sets up periodic challenges and events that folks can create for. They’ve crafted for Knitting for Neighbors, the Yarnheads Project, TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), children’s hospitals, prayer shawl ministries, and many more. They offer other knitting-related opportunities as well, such as calls for knitting teachers.

In addition to not knitting for just one charity, they also don’t knit just one item, so this is a great group to join if you like the variety of knitting many different projects.

How You Can Help

The heart of Knitters and Crocheters Care is there many-times-monthly gatherings; however, if you can’t make those, they have a thriving and active Ravelry group. Join Ravelry if you haven’t yet, then join the group and send a private message to group’s administrator, ClarieLeah, who can provide you with mailing information.

The Ravelry group is also the best way to keep up with the meeting places and times as well as the various projects on which the group works.

This is truly a wonderful way to knit for charity and enjoy a community of like-minded knitters in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. I hope you’ll consider joining Knitters and Crocheters Care!

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    1. Hello Sherri! Best thing to do is to join Ravelry (if you haven’t already) and go to the group linked to in this article. They will help you proceed!

  1. I have a large amount of yarn and needles I would like to donate. Where in the DMV can I do this ? thanks,Debra

    1. I don’t know where, specifically, in the DMV you could donate yarn and needles. However, at the bottom of this blog post, you’ll find suggestions for people and places to which you can donate your yarn (and many of these work for needles, too).

  2. I have a large collection of needles, bobbins & knitting supplies do you know where I can donate them here locally?

  3. I’m looking to donate a lot of yarn… I live in the DC area. Any suggestions? Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.