Knit up Some Yoda Fun, Let Us – with 11 Adorable Free Knitting Patterns

You’ll be the most popular “Star Wars” nerd in the family with this collection of Yoda-inspired free knitting patterns

Yoda knitting patterns

Okay. Raise your hand if the only reason you’re interested in seeing Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker is you’re curious about Baby Yoda.

Oh, c’mon, folks…. I cannot be the only one raising my hand here! Don’t be shy!

(Whaddya mean, Baby Yoda isn’t in the new Star Wars movie?! Well there just went my interest… 😜)

At any rate, that’s probably why you’re here. Maybe you find Baby Yoda irresistible. Or perhaps your child must have something Baby Yoda-related. So you’re warming up your knitting needles as we speak.

Ready for some free knitting patterns for Yoda, you are? A lot of great Yoda patterns, you’ll find. Enjoy perusing them, you will. Find them fun and adorable, you are bound to. Make great gifts for children and young-at-heart, they do.

(Okay, I’m done. Writing that way is exhausting!)

Yoda could be the most beloved of all the Star Wars characters. It’s not surprising; with his green skin, huge eyes, and big pointy ears, Yoda is instantly recognizable. And adorable!

So what could be more fun than knitting your very own Yoda-inspired project? Let’s do it!

You’ll find more Star Wars-themed knitting patterns here!

Free Knitting Patterns: Star Wars Edition, Featuring Yoda

Baby Yoda Knit Hat: You know this hat is adorable without even looking at it, right? This is the perfect gift for parents you know are Star Wars fans. It uses bulky yarn, so it knits up in a flash.

Baby Yoda Sweater: This, on the other hand, is an adorable sweater to knit for parents who either aren’t big Star Wars fans or who are but don’t want to announce it to the world. It’s a subtle tribute to Yoda (thanks to its styling) without screaming “I’m a Star Wars thing!” 

Felted Baby Yoda Hat
Felted Baby Yoda Hat
Photo: Sunshyne Leland

Felted Baby Yoda Hat: This is similar to the earlier baby Yoda hat, but it gets its sturdiness from felting. That makes this pattern a terrific choice for an enduring baby Yoda hat! 

Yoda hat knitting pattern
The Force You Shall Feel
Photo: Jenifer Spock-Rank

The Force You Shall Feel – Yoda Inspired Hat: This Yoda hat pattern is for older kids. For all the ones who love Star Wars and are proud of it, this is for them. And you know who they are! 

You Seek Yoda Hat: This hat works for both children and adults. It features a method for preventing any drooping or dropping of the ears. 

Yoda Hat: Here’s the last of the Yoda hats. It features forehead wrinkles (really! Isn’t that cute?) and ears that aren’t really intended to stand up (although you can certainly make them do so). This too is child- or small adult-sized. 

Photo: Valerie Johnson

Yodagurumi: It’s just what it sounds like: An amagurumi in the shape of the wise Yoda. He’s ridiculously adorable!

Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy: This pattern was actually the inspiration for Yodagurumi. Another adorable gift for Star Wars-loving parents; as a bonus, it probably makes a baby bottle easier to handle! 

Yoda iPod Cozy pattern
Yoda iPod Cozy
Photo: Jerusha Chicoine

Yoda iPod Cozy: The Yoda Bottle Cozy also inspired this sweet little pattern. Perfect for a teenaged Star Wars fan or a music-and-Star Wars-loving adult! 

May the Mouse Be with You
May the Mouse Be with You
Photo: Phoenixknits on Ravelry

May the Mouse Be with You: A mouse in the shape of Yoda. Could be a toy, could be a Christmas ornament, could be a gift for the cat. Many fun uses! 

Enjoy, I hope you did! (Oops, how did that Yoda-speak sneak in?) Anyway, I hope you’ve found some great gift knitting ideas for the Star Wars lovers in your life – or maybe to treat yourself!

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