Knit Some Cuteness with These Free Knitting Patterns for Baby Booties

Keep sweet toes warm with these adorable knitting patterns for baby booties

Next to baby hats, baby booties seem like the most quintessential knitting project for babies. For years, expectant mothers have been depicted as knitting booties while awaiting their new arrival. Baby booties remain one of the most greatly appreciated handmade gifts for newborns.

Booties are also wonderful charity knitting projects. Many organizations, particularly those offering services to needy families, appreciate receiving donated baby booties.

Below are two series of free knitting patterns for baby booties. As with the recent article on free knitting patterns for baby hats, these are divided into quick/easy and more challenging. Pick a style you like and start those needles!

Quick, Easy Free Knitting Patterns for Baby Booties

A la Sascha’s Simple Booties, Baby Uggs and Baby Mary Janes Patterns: Here are three very easy bootie patterns from the same designer. The blog posts linked start in Dutch; just scroll down for the English translation and the download links for the patterns themselves (written in English). These are all so adorable, you probably won’t stop with just one type!

Dreamy Baby Booties: These adorable booties are definitely dreamy! They are knit entirely in the round, so no seaming is necessary.

Nickie’s Rolled Cuff Baby Booties: This so-cute pattern is knitted flat and seamed at the end. If you prefer knitting flat or haven’t yet progressed to circular knitting, this is a great option for you.

Bows Before Bros: These incredibly sweet bowed booties are far easier to make than they appear!

More Challenging Baby Booties Patterns

Baby Mocs: The multiple colors and duplicate stitch or embroidery make these cute booties truly resemble moccasins! (If you get an error message dialog box, don’t worry about it. Just hit “continue” and you’ll be taken to the pattern.)

Converse Booties: These precious booties are designed to resemble actual Converse tennis shoes. Too cute!

Dino Baby Booties: With cables to resemble dinosaur “ridges” and an adorable “dinosaur edge,” these clever booties just cry out to be knitted!

Hooties: You know I can’t resist a pair of baby booties with an owl design knitted in!

Strawberry Booties: How about booties that look like strawberries? Too sweet! (Pun intended.)

These free baby booties knitting patterns are all so cute, you may struggle to choose just one to knit!

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