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Here’s 1 Beautiful Way to Honor Fallen Soldiers through Knitting

prayer shawls to honor fallen soldiers

Knit for Prayer Shawls for Fallen Soldiers, and you can offer comfort to military families and honor fallen soldiers with prayer shawls

“I don’t know if you are familiar with, or have already mentioned Prayer Shawls for Fallen Soldiers,” wrote reader Nancy. “Over 6,000 prayer shawls have been contributed to families of American military personnel who have died as a result of their service…

“I have been a member of the group for several years. It is so special because sometimes I hear back from the family and how they are doing. It’s a small way to say thank you to our military and their families.”

Prayer Shawls For Fallen Soldiers began its life in April 2006 as part of a local prayer shawl ministry. The mother of a woman serving in Iraq joined the ministry in an effort to calm herself. Together, the ministry created prayer shawls for wounded soldiers at a local army medical center.

Today, the group coordinates a nationwide effort. This effort connects military families with willing knitters and crocheters. The knitters and crocheters offer a measure of comfort and peace through their creation of prayer shawls. They do this through three different programs.

  • The Direct Contact program allows shawl makers who know of a military family who could use a prayer shawl to submit the family’s name to PS4FS.
  • The Direct Request program allows military families themselves to request prayer shawls.
  • Finally, the Dover Program is a specific annual drive that benefits the military families of the Dover Air Base.
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How You Can Help Honor Fallen Soldiers

If you would like to join the prayer shawl knitting effort, you can do so in two ways.

Option one: visit the Prayer Shawls for Fallen Soldiers website here. Click the button at the top right corner to join the mailing list. You’ll receive detailed information on how you can get started with creating prayer shawls.

Another option is to e-mail the organization directly at [email protected]. Give them your name, email address, city, and state, and let them know you want to be a shawl provider and receive their e-newsletter. They will then add you to their list.

This is a beautiful opportunity to reach out to military families and honor fallen soldiers. I hope you’ll consider knitting for Prayer Shawls for Fallen Soldiers!

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