3 Wonderful Free Patterns to Help Dogs & Cats in Shelters

Do you have a heart for dogs and cats awaiting their forever home? Help make their stay in a shelter more comfortable with these fun patterns

How would you like to help dogs and cats in animal shelters?

Sadly, millions of dogs and cats currently live in animal shelters. If at all possible, when you decide to get a pet dog or cat, I hope you’ll consider adopting a rescue.

Not all of us can adopt cats or dogs (or perhaps our homes are already full of furry friends!), however. So why not do the next best thing: knit for shelter animals!

Shelter workers are saintly and work hard, but there’s no denying that shelters aren’t the most ideal places for dogs and cats to live. Some great gifts to offer your local pet shelter include blankets, beds, toys, and sweaters.

Below you can check out the many great patterns you can use to create wonderful donations that will brighten the lives of dogs or cats awaiting adoption!

Pet Patterns for Charity Knitting

Indy’s Ball: Here’s a simple felted ball pattern that’s a great way to use up wool scraps. You can put a bell or squeak toy inside for a dog, or fill it with catnip for a cat!

Patons Cables and Hearts Dog Coat
Patons Cables & Hearts Dog Coat
Photo: Yarnspirations

Cables and Hearts Dog Coat: Many dogs need coats in colder weather, and this adorable coat definitely fits the bill!

Photo: Champagne Maker

Bark-A-Lounger: Want a real challenge for a very special gift? Try this stunningly beautiful Fair Isle knitted pet bed! It was designed for a dog, but I have a sneaking suspicion any cat would love it, too.

And there you have it – five wonderful patterns so you can help dogs and cats in animal shelters awaiting their forever homes!

5 Free Patterns for Dogs & Cats in Shelters

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  1. Hi, Nicole– you must be busy, busy knitting Christmas gifts! I am knitting beanies for friends/famiIy–as have been requested, as gifts. I volunteer for a local group in Marion, NC….Mercy Fund Animal rescue–and, I am embarrassed to admit,I have never knit for these most deserving 4-legged family members.
    No excuses…..
    I just checked today’s newsletter and according the these websites–Royal Afghan and, Simple cat toy–these are not available to low stock.

    Your letters are always extremely interesting and informative. Thanks!! I wish you a blest and wonderful Christmas. Take care, Sandra

    1. Thanks for letting me know about those two patterns, Sandra. It looks like Lion Brand no longer lists them on their site, which is a shame. I’ll remove them from this post. Thanks again!

  2. For knitting there is a better mouse, https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/simple-cat-toy
    For crocheting I would substitute the Five Minute Fish (crochet cat toy) for the Catnip Mouse. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/5-minute-fish
    Both use scrap yarn to make them.
    The catnip mouse on this page is made with Lion Brand Fun Fur which is no longer available and I would never give one to either a cat or dog because of the construction of Fun Fur. It is basically a lot of cut strands tied along by threads, sort of like any eyelash yarn, and pulls apart easily. This could be a hazard for pets. Also the string tail could be chewed off.
    Hope to see this page updated for safer pet toys. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nancy, thank you for the suggestion! You do make a very good point about how the catnip mouse could be hazardous for pets if you use Fun Fur. I will replace that particular pattern.