Knit Adorable Diaper Soakers with These Free Knitting Patterns

What’s cuter than a baby in nothing but a diaper? Not much. With these free knitting patterns for diaper soakers, you can have the best of both worlds — a cute cover for disposable diapers or, if you use cloth diapers, a soaker that keeps your baby looking cute without leaving puddles.

What is a Diaper Soaker?

In this world of disposable diapers, you may be asking, ‘what is a diaper soaker?’ Soakers are the equivalent of rubber pants — if you happen to remember those. When you use a cloth diaper for your baby, either you need to put rubber pants on or you can seize this opportunity to make your baby even cuter by knitting diaper soakers. Most soakers are made of wool. If the wool is lanolized, the soaker repels the wetness and keeps the urine in the diaper. This works out great because you don’t have to wash these types of soakers every time the baby wets. Some moms go two to three weeks before having to wash them.

Free Patterns for Knitting Diaper Soakers

Tiny Birds Soaker Pattern This one’s for the girls. This free knitting pattern for babies has cute crocheted ruffles around the leg openings. It’s a sweet pattern with great instructions and comes complete with pictures. Fern & Faerie Soaker Pattern This is a plain pattern but has all sizes ranging from newborn to 4T. Instructions are included for knitting a soaker in the round or knitting it flat. The Curly Purly Soaker Pattern You can use this pattern for either boys or girls. You’ll especially like the rolled leg openings. Ruffled Skirted Soaker This free pattern gives you a soaker and skirt all in one. A favorite pattern among knitters, your sweet baby girl will look as cute as can be crawling around in this little skirt. For some fun ideas for your soakers, visit Butt Knits. Here you’ll see fun faces to add to your soakers. Their patterns aren’t free, but you can get some good ideas. Also check the Adorabubble Knits site for more cute ideas. You’ll love the ‘turtle butt’ pattern. Again — not free, but good for inspiration. For experienced knitters, it takes about three hours to knit a soaker. When you’re finished, you have a project that will not only make your baby irresistible but you’re also contributing to keeping the planet cleaner by keeping all those disposable diapers out of the landfills. Get started making your baby some soakers today!