10 Delightful & Free Bear Knitting Patterns Anyone Will Love

Take your pick: try an adorable teddy bear knitting pattern out of these 10

Why not try a teddy bear knitting pattern? Consider this: the teddy bear has been the quintessential American stuffed toy for over a century. It is perhaps the most popular kind of stuffed toy in the United States, if not the entire world.

In fact, when the teddy bear was invented, it apparently was created almost simultaneously by two different manufacturers in two different countries (America and Germany). Now that’s a good idea!

It is perhaps unsurprising that today, online knitting patterns for stuffed bears are numerous and exceedingly popular. Why not celebrate the wonderful stuffed bear with a teddy bear knitting pattern?

A note about these patterns: because both teddy bears and teddy bear patterns are so ubiquitous, standards for these patterns were stricter than usual.

The bears represented in these patterns have great attention to detail and/or special characteristics that make them really stand out from the pack.

  • GORGEOUS – These are far from run-of-the-mill teddy bears! No, these are the best of the bunch. They have lovely details and finishing features, beautiful expressions, and look like they would fit right in at any toy store.
  • CUDDLY – Every last one of these bears are designed to be snuggly soft. You won’t find any tiny amigurumi-like bears in this collection. (Nothing against amigurumi, I’m a huge fan–but these bears are meant to be cuddled!)
  • FREE – Use leftover yarn in your stash and save your money with 100% free patterns! (Or indulge, just a little, on super-soft yarn.)

We hope that you will enjoy this bear knitting pattern collection and will find one you would like to knit!

Try a Free Knitted Teddy Bear Pattern out of These

Koala Baby - Raynor Gellatly, Knitted Toy Box Designs
Koala Baby
Photo: Raynor Gellatly, Knitted Toy Box Designs

Bitsy Bear: Bitsy Bear is simple yet precious. Her design harkens back to traditional teddy bear designs, and her sweet crocheted dress makes her all the more charming.

Koala Baby: My heart melts at the sight of koala bears, and this sweet little softie is no exception.

Ruby Bear - Premier Yarns
Ruby Bear
Photo: Premier Yarns

Ruby Bear: Here we have another detailed, well-constructed bear, chubby and ready for snuggling.

Bears in PJs: These bears are not only completely adorable, but they make great stash-busting projects. In their nightwear, they make perfect cuddle companions for little ones at bedtime!

Polar Bear free knitting pattern
Polar Bear
Photo: The Knit Cafe Toronto

Polar Bear: Looking for a pristine white bear that stands on all four paws? Look no further, this beautiful polar bear pattern is the one for you. You can make it either large or small, the choice is yours!

Harry Bear free knitting pattern
Harry Bear
Photo: Berroco

Harry Bear: Here’s a soft, fuzzy bear pattern that comes complete with directions for crocheting him his very own Harry Potter-themed scarf.

Teddy Bear: This Debbie Bliss design is deceptively simple, but it creates a magnificent-looking bear .

Knitted Teddy: This little guy is a beautiful little bear, reminiscent of Paddington Bear. He comes with directions for his own little jacket, too.

bear knitting patterns
Buddy Bear

Buddy Bears: This is an incredibly easy knitting pattern that turns out a simply adorable bear perfect for charities. Babies, toddlers, and very young children, in particular, seem to love them. (Note: a friend knitted one for my younger daughter when she was a newborn, and she still loves it to this day!)

Bear Essentials: I love the contrast provided by this bear’s ears, snout, and paws. This pattern also comes with directions for making a little sweater for the bear.

I hope these bears make you smile as much as they did me! Enjoy knitting your own teddy bear with any of these patterns.

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  1. Every child should have a Teddy Bear and every girl should have at least one Barbie Doll. Those patterns will be great for children.