14 Fabulous Ways to Knit Your Patriotism from around the World

Just in time for the American patriotic holidays, enjoy this collection of free patriotic knitting patterns from all over the world

Worldwide free patriotic knitting patterns

I’m an American, and I know that if there’s one thing Americans often love, it’s covering our homes (and ourselves) with our country’s colors and/or flag.

But I also know lots of folks from other countries who enjoy doing the same thing! I love the Union Jack, the maple leaf, and the Australian National Flag as well.

Wearing your country’s colors and flag symbols is a fun way to make national holidays even more festive!

The United States has several holidays that reflect the nation’s birth, the celebration of veterans, and the remembrance of those who died in combat. It seems as if every few months, there’s a reason to gather and remember.

Australia and Canada also have national holidays – Australia Day and Canada Day, fittingly enough. My research did not turn up a national day in the United Kingdom, but I know from watching plenty of tennis that many UKers don’t need much reason to don their Union Jacks!

So in the spirit of fun and worldly brotherhood, I present to you free patriotic knitting patterns! The first set is for anyone; the second, Americans; the third, for UKers; the fourth, for Canadians; and the last, for Aussies.

Patriotic Patterns for Any Nation

Patriotic Placemat This placemat pattern is quite simple, and you can customize the colors to fit any nation’s flag.

Patons Patriot Stripes Hat - Yarnspirations
Patons Patriot Stripes Hat
Photo: Yarnspirations

Patriot Stripes Hat This is another pattern that can fit the colors of any nation’s flag. It’s incredibly easy and features an adorable pom pom at the top.

Patriotic Wreath for Knitters You can also customize this pattern for any country’s flag. This is wreath is simple, super cute, and a delightful way to adorn a front door for patriotic holidays.

American Patriotic Knitting Patterns

Patriotic Mason Jar Cozy Melody Rogers opens her pattern page thusly: “You know those people? The ones who always have their houses decorated in adorable crafty decor for every holiday? I’m not one of those people.”

I’m not either, but this Mason jar cozy pattern tempts me into… well, maybe not becoming one, but at least making a stab at it. Not only does she offer this cozy in both knitting and crochet versions, but she even offers a fabric wreath tutorial to match!

Patriotic Purse I love how simple yet adorable this pattern is. I think this purse would be a terrific to carry to festivals and parades, especially for collecting candy thrown from fire engines!

One Nation Under God Can you tell I really love this pattern? I just think it’s really stylish, and it looks like a wonderful way to practice Fair Isle knitting. I love its old-style Americana appearance, too.

I also love designer Laura Gesin’s charming story of its development:

As many of you know, I’m a teacher, and teachers recite this [the Pledge of Allegiance] with their students 180 days a year.

“In my school, our principal recites the pledge over the PA most days. He also happened to mention how much he’d like one of my knitted hats earlier this year. (I made one for a teacher I was mentoring who wears it every day; I think my principal was slightly jealous since I’ve known him much longer than the new teacher!) When I asked about colors, he said he’d really (really) like a red, white, and blue one.

“Challenge accepted!”

British Patriotic Knitting Patterns

God Save the Queen Gauntlets Whenever I see the Union Jack, I understand Anglophiles. I’m an American but I think the UK flag is the most stylish flag on the planet. Exhibit A: this absolutely gorgeous pattern for gauntlets (aka fingerless mitts). I want to make a pair just because they’re so beautiful!

(Please note that this is not actually a gauntlet pattern, but rather a knitting chart that will work for gauntlets. For a pattern you can add this chart to, try this one, this one or this one.)

Union Jack Scarf I love the way this scarf looks in grayscale, but of course it would also be breathtaking in its traditional red, blue and white. Simple, subtle, and glorious.

Union Jack Slippers I’ve never seen a pair of slippers like these, and I think they’re amazing. What a fabulous way to cover your toes with UK joy.

Canadian Patriotic Knitting Patterns

Patriotic Dishcloth Scrubbie Scrub those dishes in style with this maple leaf scrubby. Use a cotton yarn for a typical dishcloth, or use a scrubby yarn like Red Heart Scrubby for true scrubbing power.

A Toque Fit for a Canuck, Eh? Aside from the absolutely perfect title (I want to be best friends with this designer), this pattern features gorgeous and glorious Fair Isle maple leaves.

Maple Leaf Mittens What is it about the maple leaf that makes it look absolutely stunning in Fair Isle? I know you’ll enjoy making these mittens and showing off your Canuck pride.

Australian Patriotic Knitting Patterns

Mel McLachlan’s Australia Day Patterns: Mel McLachlan has designed three adorable patterns featuring the Australian flag: a coffee cozy, a stubbie cooler (basically a bottle cozy), and a wrist cuff.

Aussie Transplant Hat This may be the most challenging pattern on this page. The Fair Isle is more complex, and the knitting techniques are more complicated. But if you’re ready to wear your Aussie pride with pride and are willing to engage your patience, you will be richly rewarded.

Wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy knitting to show off your patriotic side!

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