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8 Fun, Fantastic, and Free Knitting Patterns for Pillows

free knitting patterns for pillows

With graduation and wedding season upon us, one of these free knitting patterns for pillows could make the perfect gift

Ah, summertime is in the air. It means we feel the sun beaming on our face, our bare arms are kissed by the gentle breezes, our heads don’t need hats to stay warm.

Does that mean the knitting season is over? It almost feels that way, doesn’t it? Few people need scarves or hats or mittens from us now. It’s barely even blanket season.

But still, we have two seasons upon us.

One: Graduation season.

And two: Wedding season!

The Season of Moving Forward

It’s true! At the beginning of summer is when intrepid high school and college seniors have finally been freed. And it’s when couples in love prepare to tie the proverbial knot.

For us knitters, it means that — hallelujah — knitting season is definitely not over! These high school seniors preparing for college need us. Those college seniors about to join the “real world” need us. And those married-couples-to-be? They most definitely need us!

Knitters have so many delightful possibilities for graduation and wedding gifts:

  1. Dishcloths and towels.
  2. Blankets.
  3. Pillows.

To me, the perfect gift is a pillow. Dishcloths and towels are fine, but they’re almost too practical — not a lot of romance there. Blankets are wonderful, but they’re also pretty time-consuming!

Knitting patterns for pillows hit the sweet spot. They’re practical but not too practical. They take some time but not quite as much time as a blanket. And because they’re a lot smaller than blankets, you can really have some fun with them.

How much fun?

Check out the following free knitting patterns for pillows and find out just how much fun!

Sternkissen Asterisk - free pillow knitting pattern

Fun and Funky: Free Knitting Patterns for Pillows

Sternkissen Asterisk: Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder how to knit you into a pillow… this pattern shows you how! It’s available in both German and English.

Bobble Sheep Pillow: This is a mighty fine substitute for owning your own sheep. If you know any sheep-lovers — maybe a fellow knitter? — this pattern is the perfect way to knit a very special gift. (I have this bizarre fantasy whereby I use a bunch of these knitting patterns for pillows to create a “flock of sheep.” I know, I’m weird.)

Goodnight Moon - free knitting pattern for pillow
Goodnight Moon
Photo: Sarah Elizabeth Kellner

Goodnight Moon: Goodnight sun, goodnight moon, goodnight cow jumping over the moon. All this cuddly, adorable pattern needs is a cow! This pattern might be more suited to a baby than a graduate or a newlywed, but it’s so precious I had to include it.

eReader Prop Pillow - free knitting pattern for pillow
eReader Prop Pillow
Photo: Elizabeth Arundel

eReader Pillow Prop: This pattern is so clever, I want to make it for myself! (And then maybe I’ll make more, haha) It creates a delightful pillow is perfect for laying against your legs and propping up your eReader, tablet, phone, 2-in-1 laptop, or any other sort of lightweight electronic device.

Knit Pouf: You will need a fair amount of super-bulky yarn for this one. But there’s no arguing with the results! This pattern makes a big, luxurious “pouf” that you can snuggle into cozily. You can stuff it with either old pillows or old worn-out duvets or bedspreads or blankets.

Tooth Fairy Pillow: Like “Goodnight Moon,” this is probably not appropriate for a graduate or a married couple (I hope not, anyway!). But c’mon. It’s so cute!

Celtic Knot Pillow: For the Celtophiles in your life, this pillow is perfect! You’ll knit a long tube, stuffing as you go, and once it’s long enough, you’ll twist it into a knot. Makes a stunning piece for any home.

Union Jack Pillow- Free knitting pattern
Union Jack PIllow
Photo: DumbledoresGirl on Ravelry

Union Jack Pillow: And here’s a pillow for the UK folks (or Anglophiles) in your life! This pillow makes a great introduction to intarsia, in addition to being utterly stylish on its own.

Thanks to these knitting patterns for pillows, I hope you’ll never again feel unneeded when springtime approaches!

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