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Do You Want to Make Lives Brighter for Homeless Children?

With easy 8-inch squares, you can offer love and warmth through Love-Squared


If you’ve ever wondered how you could make a difference by knitting for charity, you’ll easily relate to the story of Leah and the charity she founded in 2011, Love-Squared.

I love Leah’s story because it begins with her learning to knit! I, too, am a relatively recent knitter (I started in 2007). And like me, she started knitting when she had an infant.

I’ll let her tell you the rest of her “getting started” story:

There are so many yarn-based charities out there. It was a little overwhelming, but also frustrating. It was difficult to find a charity that matched my time and skill level and one that was a bit more local.

A lot of the hats for hospitals had stopped taking donations because they had too many. Even more charities were focused on over seas organizations and the high cost of international shipping was a problem. My husband’s solution was, “start your own.”

A look at the beginning. | Love Squared (love-squared.org)

Like many normal, ordinary folks, Leah’s first reaction was to think her husband had lost her mind. But she then did exactly what I so often encourage would-be charity knitters to do: consider what touched her heart.

I started looking for homeless charities in my area and found many for adults. What about homeless kids? Why are there no groups for homeless kids?  Should I start one? Could I start one? I can at least try.

The idea for blankets came from my own kids. All four of them had a blankie. Even my eldest still had his blankie hiding in his room. Blankie was a best friend. It meant comfort, warmth, love, and was often a source of courage.

I wanted to give other kids that sense of ownership and friendship. Something to snuggle when things were a little scary or stressful. Something soft and warm that could make them smile. I can do this! (boldface mine)

A look at the beginning. | Love Squared (love-squared.org)

I bolded that statement — I can do this! — because it really gets to the heart of what makes charity knitters so special. Sure, it can be difficult to consider making a difference in the world, when the troubles are so many and so great.

But with one cause at a time, one bit of yarn at a time, lives can be changed!

The Love-Squared Mission

Love-Squared, of course, is all about blanket squares! This makes it an ideal charity for both new knitters wanting to begin knitting for charity. It’s also perfect for more experienced knitters who love to knit on-the-go and enjoy sending big boxes of donations at a time!

Leah has always asked for the same thing: 8-inch squares. They can be knitted or crocheted, and they can be separate squares or seamed together. (If you’d rather not seam, Love-Squared has volunteers that are happy to do so!)

When Love-Squared began, Leah lived in Michigan and focused her efforts both there and in northwestern Ohio. Now, Leah is in Oregon, but she continues to maintain a presence in Michigan. Two of their mailing addresses are located there!

She collects squares herself in Oregon, and they now also have a chapter in Iowa. You can find the addresses of all four Love-Squared branches here.

You can find stitch patterns for afghan squares here and here. Or, get 11 Energizing Knitting Stitch Patterns here!

How You Can Help

No matter where in the United States you are, you can knit or crochet squares and send them to Love Squared. These squares are seamed by Leah and her helpers to create beautiful afghans that are then sent to nearby shelters.

It’s always a good idea to contact a charity before you send them donations, so you may want to check in with Leah at leah@love-squared.org first.

For the most up-to-date information on Love-Squared and what they’re doing, take a look at their Facebook page. You’ll find beautiful photos of squares and blankets there, too. Want to see some recipients and their blankets? Be sure to check out the Love-Squared blog!

Are you ready to help homeless children with love and the warmth of afghans? Then why not knit some squares and make a difference?

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  1. Hello! I have about thirty-five squares that I’d like to donate. If you would like them, I will mail them immediately. God bless what you do! Teresa

    1. Hi Teresa, thank you for your interest! I don’t collect squares for charity, but you can take a look at this post and find many organizations that do. Hope this helps!

  2. Good day, I live in Germany and I love to knit! I have a box full of baby blankets that I would love to donate to mothers in need in South Africa, however, the postage is high and also unreliable. Do you have any idea who I can contact to assist or are you aware of Organisations that are in need?

  3. Thanks Nicole for getting back to me I am grateful for all your help and now my mother can send them to the right charity and help others in need thank you once again Craig

  4. This is an awesome idea! Several years ago, I knit approximately three-hundred, 7″x9″ squares for this exact type of charity. I was able to send them to a dear friend in Atlanta whose women’s church group would sew the various squares they received into much needed blankets. I I have been devoting much of my time more recently to knitting hats for Operation Gratitude, (the Deployed Military and/or first respders), scarves for NC veterans, chemo hats for women with breast cancer, and, of course, various baby gifts. Until discontinued in 2020, I enjoyed knitting LOTS of red preemie hats for distribution in February.

    I am grateful to be reminded of the blanket squares–and these can be easily and quickly accomplished with small skeins of left-over yarn. Thanks SO much.