Four Tea Cozy Knitting Instructions

Back in college, I spent a year in England and learned to appreciate the taste and comfort of a spot of tea. I brought my tea-drinking habit back to the states with me, and it continues to this day. What I need now is a tea cozy for my teapot, to keep my Earl Grey warm while I knit and blog. I’ve got the knitting instructions for several wonderful tea cozies waiting for me — all I need now is the time and the yarn. Daffodil Stitch Tea Cozy You can’t go wrong when you knit flowers, and this lovely daffodil tea cozy is one of my favorites. The flapper-like tiers of the cozy were retro when the knitting instructions were originally published in 1937, and are still fashionable today. I like the idea of knitting each tier in a progressively lighter, or darker, shade. But I’m sure it would look darling in a monochromatic yellow or orange too. Cabled Tea Cozy This gorgeous cabled tea cozy is also from a pattern more than fifty years old, but as fresh and fun as anything recently created. The wool lining is sure to keep the tea piping hot, though it’s more time-consuming to knit. You don’t need to make all the flowers for the top, but it sure does make the cozy lovely, with the appearance of a vase or pot of spring flowers. Aromatherapy Tea Cozy This is a unique take on a tea cozy; it incorporates a bit of aromatherapy into the tea ceremony. Considering that so many people drink tea when they’re feeling a bit down, either physically or emotionally, it’s a clever way to invigorate the senses (both smell and taste). I’ve been wondering if it would also work if I changed it so a pocket or two were on the outside, allowing me to hold sugar packets there. Brioche Tea Cozy The simplicity of this tea cozy makes it good addition for any style of décor, and teapot. If you drink enough tea to change your cozy for the seasons, I’d recommend this one in orange or brown for autumn. I’d like it in a plum shade to match my dishes, although I do like the way it looks in beige too. Whether you’re an herbal, green, or black tea drinker, you’re sure to appreciate these knitting instructions — and the warmth that a tea cozy will provide.