One of These 11 Knitted Gifts Patterns May Make the Perfect Gift

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Been invited to a bridal shower? How about a wedding? Maybe even a housewarming? These 11 knitted gift patterns could be just what you need

When I was last invited to a bridal shower, I knew I didn’t want to just check out the bridal registry and buy something. I wanted to create something special. Something she would likely have never received before. A gift that would be practical yet beautiful, that would make her smile every time she saw it.

I compiled the knitted gifts collection below when I was still trying to decide what to make. Since then, I have since several of the projects listed below. (I even remembered to take a photo of one before I gave it away!)

The knitted gifts patterns listed below are not only wonderful for bridal showers, of course! Many of them also make wonderful wedding gifts, graduation gifts, and housewarming gifts.

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Mitered Hanging Dishtowels

Great Patterns for Knitted Bridal Shower Gifts

Mitered Hanging Dishtowels: These are a great thing to have in a kitchen. I like to place a hanging dishtowel either on the handle of the cabinet under the sink or on the oven door handle. Knit about three of them and you’ll have a lovely set of towels for the bride-to-be! (This is exactly what I made for the bridal shower I mentioned above.)

Chili Pepper Red Kitchen Towel: It doesn’t have to be red, of course, but red is a great color for the kitchen. You can never have enough kitchen towels, and I’ve never seen anyone turn their noses up at knitted towels!

knitted gifts
Lizard Ridge Dishcloth
Photo: Laura Aylor

Lizard Ridge Dishcloth: You can never have enough dishcloths, either, even if you have a dishwasher. Dishcloths are wonderful for cleaning many things other than dishes: countertops, tables, even stovetops and ovens.

Basket Rib Hand Towel: Hand towels for the bathroom are yet another item you can never have enough of. These knit quickly and look adorable.

Leafy Washcloth: Washcloths are always appreciated, but the pretty leafy design of this washcloth makes it a little more special for a bridal shower. One great idea: knit a set of washcloths, pick up a few nice bath items like a bath beads, body wash, and after-bath lotion, put them together in a basket, and boom: instant spa set!

Wine Bottle Cozy: What does every newlywed need? A bottle of wine (or champagne) and a pair of glasses to celebrate the start of their lives together. This cozy is a fun way for the couple to bring a bottle along on their honeymoon, or perhaps later tote a bottle on a picnic. Be sure to include the wine or champagne and a pair of glasses or flutes!

Not a Sandy Bottom: This is a pretty, stretch bag pattern that is perfect for hitting the beach. Tuck inside a pair of beach towels and perhaps a bottle of sunblock, and you have a wonderful beachy gift for the newlyweds!

Rag Bath Mat: This is such a terrific idea! The link here shows you how to take an old bedsheet and enormous needles to create a bath mat.

Mosaic 4-Square Mitered Pillow: Here is a beautiful pillow pattern that would look great in a wide variety of colors.

Clock: How’s this for a unique idea for knitted gifts? You can buy a simple clock and embellish it with a beautiful Clock Cozy. Or, you can knit an actual clock, complete with numbers, and purchase a clock mechanism from a craft store. Voila, It’s Time to Knit!

One tip to help you prepare to make a knitted gift for a bridal shower or wedding. Before you pick out the yarn, check the gift registry. You’ll find a very important piece of information there: what colors the couple is requesting. This will help you choose yarn colors that will go with their home décor.

I hope this list helps you choose the perfect knitted gifts.  You can be sure that whatever you choose, the recipients will cherish your gift for years to come!

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  1. Loved your comments this week, Nicole. I enjoy “faffing-up” with make-up, hair just so and wearing earrings, BUT, so important : we are all unique and that is a value that I would like to carry over to my daughters and granddaughters – dont compare yourself with others, just enjoy being YOU in the best way possible and enjoy each other’s being different. GOD bless and thanks for a lovely column.

  2. Thanks for your words of wisdom, Nicole. As women, we are often very hard on ourselves and it is comforting to know that we can give ourselves permission to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and that our value is not in our hair and makeup but in the content of our heart. I need a reminder from time to time and that is exactly what I received from you today. Thank you.


  3. Nicole – First of all, congratulations on your daughters’ successes! They sound like lovely girls. Secondly, your comments were very wise and we all can learn from your experience. You’ve done a good job keeping them “real” in this world! Hugs to you, Doralee

  4. Love your comments this week, you are quite right we are all far too image oriented, I am going to try to keep your thoughts in my mind. Big hug from Pru