One of These 11 Knitted Gifts Patterns May Make the Perfect Gift

Been invited to a bridal shower? How about a wedding? Maybe even a housewarming? These 11 knitted gift patterns could be just what you need

When I was last invited to a bridal shower, I knew I didn’t want to just check out the bridal registry and buy something. I wanted to create something special. Something she would likely have never received before. A gift that would be practical yet beautiful, that would make her smile every time she saw it.

I compiled the knitted gifts collection below when I was still trying to decide what to make. Since then, I have since several of the projects listed below. (I even remembered to take a photo of one before I gave it away!)

The knitted gifts patterns listed below are not only wonderful for bridal showers, of course! Many of them also make wonderful wedding gifts, graduation gifts, and housewarming gifts.

Quick Tip for Wedding/Shower Knitting

Before you pick out the yarn, check the gift registry. You’ll find a very important piece of information there: what colors the couple is requesting. This will help you choose yarn colors that will go with their home décor.

Towels & Cloths: No One Can Ever Have Too Many

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Mitered Hanging Dishtowels

Mitered Hanging Dishtowels

  • What you’ll need: 250 yards worsted weight cotton yarn; US Size 7 needles; 1-inch button; tapestry needle
  • Why you’ll want to make them: Hanging dishtowels are a fabulous addition to any kitchen. I like to place a hanging dishtowel on the handle of the cabinet under the sink and/or on the oven door handle. Knit about three of them and you’ll have a lovely set of towels for the bride-to-be!

Chili Pepper Red Kitchen Towel

  • What you’ll need: 360 yards worsted weight cotton yarn; US Size 5 needles
  • Why you’ll want to make it: I love the way this pattern creates a kitchen towel that really looks like a kitchen towel, complete with nubby texture and indented lines toward either end. You don’t have to knit it in red, of course, but it’s a wonderful kitchen color.

Basket Rib Hand Towel

  • What you’ll need: 125 yards of DK-weight cotton or cotton-blend yarn/150 yards of worsted-weight cotton or cotton-blend yarn; US Size 5/7 needles
    (Use Size 5 needles for DK-weight, Size 7 for worsted weight)
  • Why you’ll want to make it: If you need a knitting pattern that you can memorize easily while still making something cute and useful, this is your pattern!
knitted gifts
Lizard Ridge Dishcloth
Photo: Laura Aylor

Lizard Ridge Dishcloth

  • What you’ll need: 95 yards worsted weight cotton yarn; US Size 6 needles
  • Why you’ll want to make them: You can never have enough dishcloths, can you? I love the texture and delightful design of these pretty cloths.

Leafy Washcloth

  • What you’ll need: 30 (yes, that’s it!) yards of worsted-weight cotton yarn; US Size 6 to 8 needles (depending on how tightly you knit; you can use bigger needles if you’re a tight knitter and smaller needles if you knit loosely)
  • Why you’ll want to make them: They knit up quickly, and they’re such a pretty design that simple cloths become pretty, luxurious items that become sought-after.

Combine Your Finished Projects with Other Items for Even More Exciting Gifts

  • Knit up several dishtowels and wrap them up with a bottle of dish soap.
  • Knit up several washcloths and wrap them up with a few bars of soap and/or a bottle of body wash.
  • Or go all out: knit up several washcloths, a hand towel or two, and add bath beads, body wash, and body lotion, and pop them into a basket. Instant spa set!

More Gifts for the Home–Fun, Practical, Whimsical, Delightful

Wine Bottle Cozy

  • What you’ll need: 70 yards worsted weight acrylic or wool or wool-blend yarn; US Size 8 DPNs or 24- to 30-inch circular needle (depending on your favorite way to knit in the round)
  • Why you’ll want to make it: Every newlywed couple needs a bottle of wine or champagne to toast their new marriage, right? This cozy is a fun way for the couple to bring a bottle along on their honeymoon, or perhaps later tote a bottle on a picnic.
  • Add this: A bottle of wine or champagne (or a non-alcoholic equivalent) and a pair of glasses or flutes
Not a Sandy Bottom - Dorothy Dean
Not a Sandy Bottom
Photo: Dorothy Dean

Not a Sandy Bottom

  • What you’ll need: 360 yards worsted weight cotton yarn; US Size 8, 24-inch circular needle or DPNs; US Size 10, 24-inch circular needle or DPNs (circular needle or DPNs depends on your preferred method(s) of circular knitting)
  • Why you’ll want to make it: This is a pretty, stretchy bag pattern that is perfect for hitting the beach.
  • Add this: A pair of beach towels and a bottle of sunblock
Rag Bath Mat - Cocoknits
Rag Bath Mat
Photo: Cocoknits

Rag Bath Mat

  • What you’ll need: 2 twin pre-washed, ripped, and tied together bed sheets (see bullet point below for explanation!); US Size 19 needles
  • Why you’ll want to make it: Let us count the ways… first and foremost, this pattern allows you to recycle old bed sheets to make something delightful. Included within the pattern is a link to a tutorial that will turn old bedsheets into the “yarn” that you can use to knit this mat. Finally, the design itself is delightful. I love that cable running down the middle!
  • Add this: A pair of fluffy bath towels, of course (preferably in a matching or complementary color)
Miranda Pillow-DROPS Design
Miranda Pillow

Miranda Pillow

  • What you’ll need: 450 yards fingering-weight yarn; US Size 6 32-inch circular needle (or size to get gauge). Note that you must use a circular needle for the length required to knit back and forth.
  • Why you’ll want to make it: This beautiful design is knit on the bias for lovely diagonal stripes. This is a fantastic way to use leftover yarn for a gorgeous result!
  • Add this: You’ll probably at least wish to make two! Make them in complementary colors so they can be proudly displayed on a sofa or loveseat together.
Colorful Clockwork Cozy - Hasemani on Ravelry
Colorful Clockwork Cozy
Photo: Hasemani on Ravelry


  • What you’ll need to make it: For the Colorful Colorwork Clock Cozy, you’ll need 110 yards of worsted-weight cotton yarn (in several different colors, if possible) and US Size 4 needles.
    For It’s Time to Knit!, you’ll need 100 yards of fingering weight yarn and US Size 1 or 2 needles (depending on what you need to get gauge).
  • Why you’ll want to make Clock Cozy: Everyone preparing to move into a new home–whether a newlywed couple or a college graduate–needs a clock, right? And what better way to make it stylish than by purchasing a simple clock and embellishing it with a gorgeous knitted cozy? Better still, this clock-frame embellishment is fast.
It's Time to Knit - tigerknitting on Ravelry
It’s Time to Knit!
Photo: tigerknitting on Ravelry
  • Why you’ll want to make It’s Time to Knit: If you have a bit more time on your hands and want to create an outstanding and unique gift, you can–that’s right–knit a clock! Purchase a clock mechanism from a craft store and add it to your knitted creation, and you’ll be able to offer a truly one-of-a-kind gift.
    Note: you’ll need to sign up for a free account to access the pattern. Also, I know the pattern page looks a little strange. Click “Skip to Content” in the upper left corner, scroll past the list of free patterns, and you’ll reach the sign-up form so you can access the pattern.

You can be sure that whatever gifts you choose to create, your recipients will cherish it for years to come!

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  1. Loved your comments this week, Nicole. I enjoy “faffing-up” with make-up, hair just so and wearing earrings, BUT, so important : we are all unique and that is a value that I would like to carry over to my daughters and granddaughters – dont compare yourself with others, just enjoy being YOU in the best way possible and enjoy each other’s being different. GOD bless and thanks for a lovely column.

  2. Thanks for your words of wisdom, Nicole. As women, we are often very hard on ourselves and it is comforting to know that we can give ourselves permission to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and that our value is not in our hair and makeup but in the content of our heart. I need a reminder from time to time and that is exactly what I received from you today. Thank you.


  3. Nicole – First of all, congratulations on your daughters’ successes! They sound like lovely girls. Secondly, your comments were very wise and we all can learn from your experience. You’ve done a good job keeping them “real” in this world! Hugs to you, Doralee

  4. Love your comments this week, you are quite right we are all far too image oriented, I am going to try to keep your thoughts in my mind. Big hug from Pru