How Well Do You Know Caron Yarns? Check Out Their Full Lines for Frugal Knitting

For frugal knitting, few yarns offer more bang for the buck than Caron

I have long been a big fan of Caron yarns. One of the first yarns I ever used was its Simply Soft yarn, and I fell in love with its softness, versatility, and ever-so-slight shimmer. And of course, I loved its price! You get a lot of bang (and yardage) for your buck when you buy Simply Soft yarn. It’s the perfect choice for frugal knitting.

As it turns out, since I started knitting, Caron has greatly expanded its Simply Soft line and added a few new lines. Allow me the opportunity to share with you the many wonderful Caron yarn lines.

All the Caron Yarns You Could Want for Frugal Knitting

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Simply Soft: This is the original and undoubtedly most popular Caron yarn. If you need a yarn in a very specific color, this is the yarn for you. At 58 different shades, the right Simply Soft is waiting for you to fit your exact color need!

Simply Baby: This is Caron’s delightful baby yarn. I love the sweet, soft or bright shades it comes in, and I especially enjoy the variegated yarns.

Simply Soft Camo: This is Caron’s newest line, and it offers colorways inspired by – you guessed it – camouflage. This is a really nice collection for knitting items for men and boys, and there are even a few female-friendly colorways tucked in.

Simply Soft Heathers: This is the smallest Caron line – just three shades offered here. But they are beautiful heathered yarns that are definitely worth a look.

Simply Holiday: This is Caron’s holiday-color yarn. The colors are bright and bold, and the skeins are huge – 336 yards per skein!

Jumbo: Over 600 (!!!) yards of glorious variegated yarn, with a collection that offers pastels, brights, and neutrals. This is a great yarn to use for scarves and afghans!

Simply Soft Light: The “light” here refers not to the color, but to the weight. If you want to make, for instance, comfort or prayer shawls, this is a perfect yarn to use. This is Caron’s only sport/DK-weight yarn, and it comes in a lovely variety of colors.

One Pound: For your multicolored projects, you have Jumbo; for your solid-color projects, check out One Pound. You’ll get over 800 (!!!!) yards of yarn in the bold, neutral, or pastel color of your choice.

Simply Soft Paints: These yarns are similar to the Camo line, only with brighter and bolder colors – much less like camouflage and much more like beautiful artisan mosaics!

Simply Soft Party: This yarn line offers sparkly shades – 14 as of this writing! Great for special occasion knitting.

United: Finally, here’s Caron’s most charity-minded yarn. It boasts 23 beautiful shades (including 2 twists), and 15 cents of every skein sold goes to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, which offers scholarships to the children of military personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty.

You can find nearly any Caron yarn to fit your needs and keep more money in your wallet. I call that a frugal knitting win-win!