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Make a Hopping Good Time: 13 Jubilant Knit Bunny Hats

Have fun knitting these super-cute free patterns for knit bunny hats

Photos with the Easter Bunny have a long and perhaps less-than-glorious history. I can say this with conviction because I have my own such history.

Want proof? Okay, brace yourself. This isn’t pretty.

If You Have a Terror of Large Mythical Creatures, You Might Want to Scroll Really Fast

I am not responsible for any nightmares you may have after viewing this photo.

Who is that poor, surprisingly-not-terrified baby resting on the lap of that huge bunny that can only be considered the stuff of nightmares? You might have guessed it already: that baby was me.

(I must have been the world’s most laid-back baby to not burst into tears at this!)

I guess back in the late 1970s (go on, do the math if you must), terrifying photo ops with a mythical creature were all the rage. I’m just thankful that we wised up over the decades.

If you’d like a mind cleanser, check out the far more reasonable Easter Bunny photos my own daughters participated in about 5 or 6 years ago.

Here’s the thing. A child’s imagination is a marvelous creation. I have no doubt that the Easter Bunny conjured in a child’s mind is soft, snuggly, gentle, and thoroughly lovable. Not that horrific thing in the first Bunny Photo I posted.

Is it possible to create an “Easter Bunny” that matches the image in the average child’s mind? Probably not. So why attempt it? The Easter Bunny in my daughters’ photos looks absolutely nothing like a real rabbit. But look at their delighted faces. They don’t care! It’s almost Easter and they get to hug “the Easter Bunny.” Life is good.

Bring the Delight of Bunnies Into Your Life – Knit Bunny Hats

Want life to be that good for you? Or any children you encounter? I think knit bunny hats are the perfect solution!

Think about it: what makes the delightful Easter Bunny above so precious? It’s not the bunny costume, I can tell you that. It’s the bunny ears.

Not that knit bunny hats need bunny ears to be adorable (though it certainly helps!). Bunnies just happen to be among the cutest animals in the world. The ears are just one part. The precious fuzzy tail is another. Bunny hops and carrots and the way bunnies somehow symbolize all that’s innocent in the world.

Of course, not all bunny hats are cuddly sweet. Some are silly and nutty, just like some bunnies. (Bugs Bunny, my all-time favorite wascally wabbit, comes to mind.)

In short, if you love animal hats and want to knit hats guaranteed to make someone smile? Knit bunny hats are the way to go!

Free Patterns for Knit Bunny Hats — Featuring Ears

Bunny Hat: This is one of the easiest of the bunny ears hats. The ears are super-simple, and the finished hat will look precious on any baby!

Bunny Beanie: This is a little trickier than the previous hat, but not overly so. The ears look so sweet!

Bunny Ears Hat: This hat takes the ears from the preceding pattern and adds them to a fully ribbed beanie, which may help the hat fit better. (I personally LOVE fully ribbed hats.)

Knit Bunny Hat: This might be the easiest of the bunny hats. The only tricky part is the face embroidery (although that is also my favorite part of this adorable hat).

Zookeeper Bunny Hat: This is one of the more complex hat patterns, but it’s also possibly the cutest. And as a bonus, it comes in three sizes, from infant to adult!

Bunny Hat: Now we’re into the adult-sized patterns, and we simply must start with this cutie-patootie hat with a little fuzzy bunny tail. I kind of want to make this for myself!

Fuzzy Bunny Hat: Or maybe I’ll make this one for myself. Look at those adorable floppy ears!

Mutant Bunny Hat: Here’s the perfect hat for someone with a warped sense of humor… or a teenager who is way too cool for a typical cutesy bunny hat!

Free Patterns for Knit Bunny Hats — Featuring Bunny Images

The rest of these patterns for knit bunny hats all have adorable images of bunnies on them in some way. Some are for children, others for adults.

Preemies, infants, and toddlers: Bunnies & Carrots

Children: Lion Brand Bunny Hat

Large children or small adults: Snow Bunnies

Adults: Ski Bunny Hat and Funny and Ugly Easter Bunny Hat

It’s easy to produce a hopping good time in anyone’s life — just add some knit bunny hats. And if you ever know someone about to dress up as the Easter Bunny for photo ops, remember: just say NO to big, terrifying man-puppets. Say YES to knit bunny hats.

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