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Yes, You Really Can Help a Child Read through Knitting

Through Kids Need to Read’s READ Together program, you can make Reading Buddies to encourage children to read

What does knitting and children’s literacy have to do with one another? Normally, little to nothing. But an organization called Kids Need to Read has changed that.

The mission of Kids Need to Read is simple: to encourage the development of a lifelong love of reading among children. They also want to encourage communities to support children’s literacy.

One important program offered by Kids Need to Read is their READ Together program. This program, as the name says, encourages families to read together.

The READ Together states on their web page states:

…the READ Together program partners with schools and other literacy organizations to encourage adult caregivers to read every day with their children. The program utilizes a wealth of books, educational resources, tips for caregivers on the go, and inspiration, all designed to increase at-home reading activities.”

How You Can Help

Photo: Denise Gary and Lori Cothrun

Still wondering where knitting comes in? Simple: you can help this important mission by creating Reading Buddies!

And if you’re wondering, “What’s a Reading Buddy?” the READ Together web page has the answer to that as well.

Kids Need to Read needs lots of ‘reading buddies’ for kindergarten students participating in our national READ Together program! What is a reading buddy? It is a stuffed critter to which a child reads aloud, especially when they have no one else to read with at home.”

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Photo: Denise Gary and Lori Cothrun

Unfortunately, many care providers (parents, grandparents, or other guardians) don’t have the time to read to or with their charges. Many others are simply unaware of just how important it is to engage their children with books. That’s where Reading Buddies can fill in the gap.

Photo: Denise Gary and Lori Cothrun

Kindergarten students are offered their very own “Reading Buddy” that they can enjoy reading to. It’s a great way to encourage children to practice reading. After all, what kindergarten-age child doesn’t love stuffed animals?

If this idea intrigues you, be sure to visit the “Reading Buddies” page for more information, including an email address you can write to in order to express your interest.

For more information about the Kids Need to Read organization in general, you can visit their full website.

This is truly an outstanding opportunity for charity knitters (and those who like to crochet and/or sew) to help the worthwhile cause of children’s literacy!