Have Fun with These Popular Knitted Bonnet Patterns

Most of the popular free knitted bonnet patterns available online are for babies. This might be because what looks adorably sweet on a baby could look a little old-fashioned on an adult. And there is a vast quantity of oh-so-charming baby bonnets available online to knit for free! Below we have an assortment of popular free bonnet patterns; most of these are for babies, but we also have found three patterns for the adventurous adult who dares to be different. As always, thank you to Ravelry’s pattern browser for helping uncover the most popular patterns.

Popular Free Knitted Bonnet Patterns

Aviatrix Baby Hat: It’s easy to see why this is the most popular free bonnet pattern available online! It is not only quick and adorable, but it’s also unisex. Top Down Bonnet with Anime Character: This bonnet is superbly adorable with its ears and happy face on the front. This is not only unisex, but also available for all ages. You don’t need to be a child to wear it — just a child at heart! Super-Quick Baby Bonnet: This bonnet is simple but sweet, with a little bit of lace detailing around the edge. Modern Baby Bonnet: This is a vintage-style bonnet updated with modern details like its moss stitch and ribbed edging. Pauline: Here’s a bonnet exclusively for adult women. The very simple bonnet design is complemented by a big, beautiful flower applique! Wolfbait Hat: A beautiful lacy bonnet designed by Vogue Knitting to be used with a Malabrigo Stitch Red yarn. You need to be a registered user of Vogue’s website to access the pattern, but registration is free. Easy Cat Hat: How about a cat hat in bonnet form? Whether you’re knitting for an adult or a child, any of these free popular knitted bonnet patterns are bound to tickle your fancy!