22 Free Knitting Patterns for Washcloths & Dishcloths, Perfect for Fundraising

Enjoy this large collection of fun and fanciful free knitting patterns for wash and dishcloths, great for fundraising

Dishcloths & washcloths for fundraising

Washcloths and dishcloths are great projects for charity fundraising.

For the knitter, they’re quick projects that often give you the opportunity to try new techniques. You can easily make several of them, which makes them ideal for events like craft fairs, silent auctions, and raffles.

They’re also great for fundraising because they tend to sell well! The reason I’ve chosen the items in this collection is because they’re unusual. The more unusual a knitted item is (while still being attractive and fun, of course), the more likely it will be sold.

Washcloths and dishcloths are normally cheap and perfunctory. Make them fun, bring a smile to potential buyers’ faces, and you’ll be more likely to see them reaching for their wallets!

Free Patterns for Fanciful Washcloths and Dishcloths

Crazy Eights Dishcloth
Crazy Eights Dishcloth
Photo: Simply Notable

Crazy Eights Dishcloth: These small round dishcloths knit up very quickly, which means you can easily make several of them and sell them in packs of 3 or 4.

Knit Leaf in 3 Sizes This pattern actually comes in 3 sizes: coaster size, dishcloth size, and placemat size. Knit two or three of them and sell them together in a package!

Sweet Somethings dishcloths
Sweet Somethings
Photo: Simply Notable

Sweet Somethings: These heart-shaped cloths are irresistible.

Whale of a Cloth dishcloth
Whale of a Cloth
Photo: Cloverlaine

Whale of a Cloth:  This blog actually offers a lot of adorable patterns similar to this one. Check the sidebar; you’ll see, among others, a Baby Seahorse and a Baby Starfish.

Starfish dishcloth
Photo: Ladoss on Ravelry

Starfish Cloth: The name makes this project self-explanatory. I’ve knitted this one before; it’s a lot of fun.

Heart dishcloth
Heart Dishcloth
Photo: Yarnspirations

Heart Dishcloth: Slightly different from “Sweet Somethings” in that it’s a square dishcloth with a heart pattern inside.

Paw dishcloth
Photo: Amy-lynne Mitchell

Purrfect Cloth: A kitty in a square dishcloth.

Paw: An adorable pawprint set inside a square cloth.

Starflower Dishcloth This looks a little like a sunflower, except the “petals” are more like the points of a star. Cute!

Lydia’s Lily Pad: Knit Picks has a ton of fun dishcloth patterns. This is just one example; it’s a lacy version of a lily pad.

Ice Cream Cone Cloth: Who doesn’t love ice cream? This square dish cloth with an ice cream design would make almost anyone hungry!

Bear with Me and Some Pig Dishcloths: More delightful Knit Picks patterns, these two form the faces of the animals in their names.

Mother’s Day Cloth: This dishcloth would make a great Mother’s Day gift and could be a brisk seller for an early-May or late-April sale.

Little Garden Girl: This precious pattern features a picture of a girl in a garden.

Dolphin Dishcloth
Dolphin Dishcloth
Photo: Kelly Montag

Springing Up Flowers: As delightfully spring-like as its name!

Dragon dishcloth
Photo: DiniKnits on Ravelry

Dolphin Dishcloth: Who doesn’t love dolphins?

Dragon: The dragon design laid into the square is glorious. This is sure to be an eye-catcher at a sale, auction, or raffle!

Fishy Fish Washcloth & Bath Mitt
Fishy Fish Washcloth & Bath Mitt
Photo: Brooke Snow

Fishy Fish Washcloth and Bath Mitt and Fishie Dishie: Fish are always fun! The first pattern makes an adorable bath set; the second creates a washcloth in the shape of a fish.

Log Cabin Washcloth and New Log Cabin Washcloths: These patterns are great choices for showing off beautiful colors. They use the popular log cabin-style shape and pattern typified by log cabin blankets.

I hope these have given you ideas and excitement about knitting for charity fundraisers! Even if you have no immediate plans to knit for a fundraiser, I think you’ll find these washcloth and dishcloth patterns a lot of fun to knit – and give!

Want more free knitting patterns for charity? Click here for your copy of “4 Quick Charity Knitting Wins” and start making a difference today!

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