Knitting and Fundraising for Charity, Part 5: Free Knitting Patterns for Electronics Cozies

Enjoy this large collection of fun and fanciful free knitting patterns for cozies for electronics, great for fundraising

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Mobile phones, iPods, and tablet computers are practically ubiquitous these days, which is good news for us knitters. And, they’re fragile — one drop or fall and it could all be over for them. That’s more good news for us knitters, especially when armed with free knitting patterns for electronics cozies!

These kinds of devices are so ubiquitous that covers and cases designed to protect them are an entire industry in themselves. That’s why, if you want to knit and sell these kinds of products, they need to be unique. Eyecatching. Fun. The opposite of what you might find in a stodgy electronics store.

Fortunately, these patterns are exactly that!

Free Knitting Patterns for Cozies for Phones, iPods, and Tablets

Hoodie for iPhone: Starting with a bang here. You’re a knitter. Knitters make sweaters (or so we’re told…). So knitting a sweater for a phone should be a piece of cake! (It’ll certainly be easier than knitting a full-sized sweater, no?)

Argyle Cardigan for Kindle 3: Argyle also seems to be synonymous with knitting. Argyle is a really sharp design, though, so I say let’s embrace that particular stereotype and come to a Kindle’s rescue.

TARDIS Kindle Case: If you saw the last post in this series, you’ll understand why one might consider making TARDIS Kindle cases.

Fitbit Pocket: Fitbits have become extremely popular over the last year or two. Capitalize on this with a comfy Fitbit pocket, complete with carrying strap.

Who? iPod Cozy: Who? could possibly resist an iPod sleeve in that looks like an owl? No one, that’s who!

Whale Shark iPhone Cover: Once you stop laughing at this hilarious design, you’ll admit that it’s a pretty clever idea.

iPhone 6 Case: There’s nothing particularly special about this design, but I’m posting it because it’s a well-made pattern and gives the ingenious idea of adding rainbow stripes. Lots of people love rainbows!

Herringbone iPhone Cozy I love the stylish look of this herringbone design. I think it rivals anything you might see in a so-called “fashion” section of a phone case shop.

Lacy Cabled Cell Phone Cozy: Here’s another stylish option with lace and cables. You sure won’t find anything like this in a phone cover store!

Oxford Envelope: I don’t think anyone designs a bag like Frankie Brown. This beautiful design is a keeper! It’s made for iPads or Kindles, but it also has tips for adapting the pattern to other sizes (to fit phones, for instance).

Cell Phone Bags: These are simple cell phone carriers with different textures that depend on your knitting preferences. This pattern also features a nice long carrying strap, which adds a layer of practicality.

bHive: The honeycomb pattern for this phone case is a beautiful treat.

Owlish Netbooksleeve: Yes, your prayers (or maybe just mine?) have been answered: a sleeve that’s shaped like an owl. This was designed for a netbook (aka a small laptop), but it can be adapted for a tablet.

Weasley Cell Cozy: Another adorable sweater pattern for a phone, this time in a Weasley Sweater design. If you don’t know what a Weasley Sweater is, you’ve obviously never seen a Harry Potter movie.

Pop Tart Cell Phone Pocket: For anyone with a sweet tooth, this phone case in the shape of a Pop Tart is sure to be a hit.

Aran iPod Carrier: This cabled case features an adorable line of Xs and Os right down the center.

Etch-a-Sketch iPad Cover: The name says it all. There’s something to be said for covering a high-tech iPad with such a retro-stylish cover!

TARDIS Phone Cozy: See what I said earlier about the TARDIS Kindle case.

Celtic Cables Kindle Cover: In the “stylish” department comes this attractive cover with a beautiful Celtic cable design.

Chevron iPad Sleeve: This chevron-striped iPad sleeve fits into the same category as the Celtic cables. Stylish and classy.

Sheep Circular Needles Holder: This adorable sheep-y case was, as the name suggests, originally designed to hold circular needles, but its shape and size makes it perfect for a phone or an e-reader, too!

Tablet Sweater: Why should phones get all the fun? With this pattern, tablets can get their sweaters on, too. This pattern features buttons and cables as well.

Penguin Kindle Fire Cover: It’s tough to say which are more adorable, owls or penguins. The penguins sure make a strong showing with this precious cover for Kindle.

Tablet Cozy in Color: This cover is so unique I’m not even sure how to describe it. It doesn’t really offer any easily recognizable designs or features, but it’s beautiful regardless. A (color) work of art!

E-Reader Cozies, Fox and Owl: These patterns, on the other hand, are easy. One is in the shape of a fox; the other, an owl. So cute!

Cell Phone Resting Place: This isn’t a cozy, but it’s a darned clever idea. It’s basically a propping pillow for a phone. It’s perfect either for charging your phone, or for those times when you’d like to use your phone without holding it. For instance, you could use it to watch a video on your phone. Or if you’re in the kitchen and trying to follow a recipe on your phone, you could use this to prop it up (and away from splatters and dribbles). Actually, this is so clever that it’s probably going to be the next thing I knit. I want one!

Next in this series is the final part, Part 6, which covers eyeglass cases and coin purses. Are you nearly full to bursting with inspiration for charity fundraiser knitting? I hope so!

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