7 Fun, Free, Frugal & Delightful Scrap Yarn Knitting Projects

whimsical scrap yarn knitting projects

Some silly, some practical, all free: 7 projects using small amounts of scrap yarn

I tried unraveling yarn from sweaters once. Nearly everything that could have gone wrong did, sorry to say. (You can read the whole messy saga, starting with Part 1 of 4, here.)

After I made it off that particular struggle bus, I started thinking about scrap yarn knitting projects. I’m always looking for ways to save money on knitting, and of course, leftover yarn knitting is a great way of doing so.

Do you have scrap yarn you want to use up? If so, this pattern collection is for you!

Every pattern you see below uses no more than 110 yards of yarn, and the vast majority use even less than that! Many of the patterns you see here also make great gifts and/or are quite useful.

Fun & Free Little Knitting Patterns

StarsStarsStars: There is absolutely nothing practical about these cute little stars, but so what? You could use them as decorations or as part of a mobile for babies. You could even use them as Christmas tree ornaments!

Easy Peasy Metal Allergy Cuff: When I first saw the name of this pattern, I thought it was to alert others to the wearer’s metal allergy. (Not one of my brainier moments, I know…) No, what this clever cuff actually does is prevent the metal of a wristwatch from touching the skin of someone with a metal allergy.

pinwheel purse - scrap yarn knitting project
Pinwheel Purse
Photos: Frankie Brown

What an insanely great idea!

Pinwheel Purse: From the ridiculously clever mind of Frankie Brown (remember her?) comes this beautiful coin purse based off of origami. It’s one of Frankie’s most popular patterns, and for good reason. Cute, practical, and a great use of scrap yarn!

Lichen – a Kerchief & Bracelet: Just as its name states, this pattern’s finished product results in an item you can wear either as a kerchief or as a bracelet. Pretty and practical!

Jitterbug Boogie Headband: At least a few knitters need to make this headband, because it’s just too cute!

owl puff - scrap yarn knitting project
Owl Puff

Promenade, Easy Doily & Dishcloth: It’s a doily! It’s a dishcloth! It’s a doily AND a dishcloth! Although if I’m being honest, were I to make or receive one of these beauties, I’d be more likely to use it as a doily because it might be too pretty to use as a dishcloth.

Owl Puffs: Some of you may know that I have a serious love affair with anything involving owls, especially in knitting. I’m telling (or reminding) you of this so that you will understand why discovering this pattern pretty much wrecked me. Is it not too precious? I couldn’t resist knitting a few myself. Here (left) is one of them!

I hope all of you will find something fun to knit from this collection of scrap yarn knitting projects! I’ve already made far too many owl puffs.

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