Free Preemie Hat Patterns Use Little Yarn and Are Perfect Charity Knitting Projects

preemie hat patterns10+ free knitting patterns for the tiniest charity recipients

Preemie hat patterns are among the most frugal knitting patterns I know of. What I love about knitting preemie hats is that they use very little yarn, so you don’t have to buy much yarn to produce even one hat, let alone several! For frugal charity knitting, you can’t do much better than preemie hats.

What’s more, you don’t have to sacrifice interesting stitch patterns when you knit preemie hats. Though they’re small, you can still fit in some beautiful patterns that go beyond your basic stockinette, garter, or ribbed stitches.

Beautiful Preemie Hat Patterns

Here is a lovely collection of preemie hat patterns. Any or all of these are sure to tickle your fancy!

Angel Lace Baby Cap

Beanstalk Preemie Hat

Preemie Hats for Charity: A collection of 5 different preemie hat patterns on one page!

Preemie Eyelet Cap

Eenie, Meanie, Minie, Moe

Holly Hat

Mock Rib & Eyelet Preemie Hat

Spiral Hat

Little Angels Lacy Baby Bonnet

Finally, here’s a link that not only includes a preemie hat pattern, but also provides valuable information regarding the proper size of preemie hats.

Kind of hard to choose just one, isn’t it? Why not try them all? You’ll love using all of these preemie hat patterns, and you’ll feel the reward of helping our tiniest friends in need.