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11 Terrific Ways to Use Up Leftover Sock Yarn – for Free

leftover sock yarn
Leftover sock yarn isn’t just for socks! You can use leftover sock yarn to create a wide variety of delightful projects

If you knit socks, or if you can’t seem to resist buying skeins of sock yarn and don’t make as many socks as you would like, you may have a lot of leftover sock yarn. The question is, what to do with it all?

I have the solution for you. You can make socks with leftover sock yarn, but you can also make much more than that…

Introducing a collection of knitting patterns you can make from sock yarn! Some of them are socks, but most of them are not. Here you’ll find fingerless mitts, squares, a hat, a cowl, and even scarves. Read on and enjoy the leftover goodness!

leftover sock yarn
A Farewell to Yarns
Photo: Kathryn C.

Free Patterns for Leftover Sock Yarn

A Farewell to Yarns: More than simply a striped sock pattern, this pattern uses slipped stitches and colorwork to produce intricately patterned socks. You can plan colors carefully or throw caution to the winds!

Pilates or Yoga Socks: These are ordinary ribbed socks with openings for the toes and heels, making them perfect for yoga or Pilates enthusiasts.

Sock Yarn Squares: Sew these squares to make a beautiful afghan, use them separately as pretty coasters, or sew them together to make a scarf. These are just a few possible uses for these darling squares.

leftover sock yarn
Pinwheel Purse
Photo: Frankie Brown

Leftover Sock Yarn Mitts: The beauty of these mitts is that they are knit from the fingerless cuffs downward, so you can stop knitting whenever you run out of yarn.

Pinwheel Purse: Here’s a cute little idea that will knit up in no time. From the ingenious mind of Frankie Brown comes this fabulous little purse. This tiny purse’s design is based on origami, and the more colors of yarn you have, the more adorable it will be.

leftover sock yarn
Leftover Sock Yarn Hat
Photo: Michele Czekala

Leftover Sock Yarn Hat: This hat is based on a fascinating idea: take several little balls of sock yarn, turn them into I-cord using Caron’s Embellish-Knit tool, and then knit the resulting I-cord into a hat. If you already own an Embellish-Knit tool or needed an excuse to buy and try one, this may be just the ticket.

Unisex Leftover Sock Yarn Neckwarmer
Photo: Dorisann Allenson

Unisex Leftover Sock Yarn Neckwarmer: Who couldn’t use a neckwarmer? No one, unless they live in the desert. This neckwarmer features corrugated ribbing and works for either a man or a woman.

leftover sock yarn
Mini Mania Scarf
Photo: Sarah Core

Mini-Mania Scarf and Linen Stitch Scarf: Both of these scarves are knitted from side to side (rather than from one short end to another) to create long fringed stripes. They are very similar; just choose whichever pattern you feel is easiest to follow.

Jelly Rings: What a cute idea for leftover sock yarn! And don’t worry. I know it looks like you have to make a bunch of knitted I-cords (eek!). But you don’t!

Instead, you’ll create little strips of knitted stockinette stitch fabric and sew them together. The stockinette stitch rolls in on itself, and the sewn-together strips resemble tubes. Clever, isn’t it? Use it as a necklace, as a modern stylish scarf, or even as decoration for your home or tree during Christmas.

Sock Yarn Rug
Photo: Chriss Coleman

Sock Yarn Rug: This is actually a crochet pattern, not a knitting pattern. But I had to add it because it’s such a cute idea. And as a bonus, it’s a great way to practice your crochet skills, if they’re rusty.

Ready to use up some sock yarn? Get out those knitting needles (or crochet hook) and let’s whittle down our leftover sock yarn stash!