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14 Fun, Free Knitting Patterns for Your Independence Day

Prepare for your 4th of July holiday with any of these delightful Americana knitting patterns

Free Independence Day knitting patterns

Are you looking for a fun way to show some Independence Day spirit through your yarn and needles?

Got lots of red, white, and blue yarn you’re just itching to use up?

These fun, frugal patterns are a wonderful way to add a slice of Americana to your home. They also make great host/ess gifts, if you’re attending a 4th of July barbeque.

And speaking of those barbeques, if you’re hosting one? Many of these will make delightful decorations for your home, too.

Patterns for Around the House

American Flag Pillow: This pillow features the flag inspired by Betsy Ross’ original design for the stars and stripes. It’s a darling bit of Americana that makes great practice for skills like intarsia and duplicate stitch.

American Flag
Photo: Kristen Cooper

American Flag Pattern and Red, White & Blue Baa Baa Bunting: Two different designs available to produce super-cute garlands, great for decorating a home for a July 4th party. The first pattern features an actual American flag design, while the second uses simple solid-colored triangles in red, white, and blue.

Red White & Blue dishcloth
Lily Sugar ‘n’ Cream Red White and Blue
Photo: Yarnspirations

Dishcloths: Dishcloths might be the very best way to knit up some American pride. They’re quick and easy, plus they’re portable and practical.

Broad Stripes Bright Stars dishcloth
Broad Stripes Bright Stars
Photo: solmama on Ravelry

Some of my favorite patriotic dishcloths:

Americana Knit Dishcloth
Americana Knit Dishcloth
Photo: Yarnspirations
Proud to be American bookmarks
Proud to be an American Bookmark
Photo: Connie Davis

Proud to be an American Bookmark: This is a truly beautiful bookmark design. It can be used as a bookmark, or it can be used to dazzle end tables and coffee tables. Makes a great gift, too!

Hot Pads: Here are two hot pad patterns. One is designed to be felted, the other isn’t. One is very simple, the other is…slightly less simple, but still not difficult. Choose whichever you fancy and then be glad you have hot pads on hand for your barbeque!

Stars + Stripes felted hot pads
Stars + Stripes Felted Hot Pads
Photo: Purl Soho

Flag Cloth/Hot Pad
Stars and Stripes Felted Hot Pads

Wear These to the Fireworks Show

Do you live someplace where, even in the summer, it gets a little chilly while you’re waiting for the fireworks show to start? Knit up one (or more) of these delightful patterns!

Colbert Nation Gloves
Colbert Nation Gloves
Photo: Lisabee

Colbert Nation Gloves: Fans of the Colbert Report are likely to recognize these gloves, inspired by the ones worn by Mr. Colbert on his show. They’re called “gloves” but they’re really fingerless mitts. Perfect for a chilly summer evening.

Tam of America: This cute little tam is a perfect substitute for a likely too-warm beanie.

American Flag Socks
American Flag Socks
Photo: Rae Creedle

American Flag Socks: This special sock pattern was designed in memory of Barbara Edwards, a knitter who perished in the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon.

Whether you’re heading to a barbeque, hosting the barbeque, or preparing for a fireworks show, with the help of these delightful patterns, you’ll be ready for a fabulous Fourth!

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