9 Free Patterns to Help You Use up That Eyelash Yarn

Are you ready to use up that stash of eyelash yarn? Try one of these free knitting patterns!

Do you have a secret stash of eyelash yarn?

Nearly every knitter I know has some eyelash yarn in his or her stash. Sometimes it is used. A lot of times, it isn’t. Eyelash yarn often seems like a great idea when you’re a new knitter — a great way to have fun with yarn. It’s so cute/pretty/interesting/stylish.

And then you discover that eyelash can be an absolute pain to knit with!

Glitter-Edged Hat
Photo: Lion Brand

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for using up eyelash yarn — use it as trim, or carry it with a heavier yarn to add heft. There’s also another option: use one of these fun, free patterns!

Free Patterns Using Eyelash Yarn

Every pattern in this list uses eyelash yarn. Many of them make great charity knitting projects. Most of them would make great gifts. And all of them are just plain fun!

Glitter-Edged Hat: This is a pretty hat from Lion Brand that uses eyelash yarn as trim.

Glitter Pillows: Lion Brand offers three variations of this pattern: checkerboard, stripes, and triangles.

Tinsel Cowl
Photo: Lion Brand

Tinsel Cowl: This lush cowl will make anyone wearing it feel like a star.

Turtleneck Dog Sweater: This design really is perfect for a tiny fluffy dog!

Turtleneck Dog Sweater
Photo: Lion Brand

One Skein Novelty Yarn Scarf: It doesn’t get much simpler than this cute scarf!

Christmas Tree Ornament: You could use any kind of yarn for this, but it’s a great way to use up eyelash yarn. Makes great gifts or charity projects!

Cookie Monster Beanie: This is absolutely the most ingenious use of eyelash yarn I’ve seen!

free patterns using eyelash yarn
Cookie Monster Beanie
Photo: Lissa Snyder

One final tip: if you enjoy knitting stuffed animal toys, eyelash yarn makes a wonderful “furry” or “feathery” creature! Take a look at the many collections of free toy knitting patterns here and consider the possibilities.

So put away the shame and annoyance of too much eyelash yarn in the stash. Start enjoying it for a change!

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