5 Lovely & Simple Knitting Patterns for Kids’ Sweaters, Perfect for Fall

Autumn is every knitter’s time to shine; bring on the shine with these sweet, simple children’s sweater patterns

To many people, autumn is a favorite season. The air is finally cooling. The humidity feels crisp against the skin instead of clammy. The leaves are changing colors and beginning to fall. Summer has, at last, relinquished its stifling grasp upon us, and we can take a breath of chilly air.

But to a knitter, autumn takes a whole new level of meaning.

Because autumn is our time to shine, is it not?

Now everyone is looking for their hats, their scarves, their mittens, their shawls, their sweaters. And this is also when knitters start looking at their pattern stashes and thinking, “What shall I make now?”

(Do you not have a pattern stash?? Hm, I thought everyone had one of those to go along with their yarn stashes… 😆)

Kick Off Autumn: Cast On a Sweater

One enjoyable way to kick off the joys of autumn is to start a sweater. Autumn is, after all, called “sweater weather” by nearly everyone.

But if you’re not used to knitting sweaters, or if they seem far too intimidating to even begin? Take heart. Try knitting a sweater for a child, rather than a fully-grown adult. The smaller size means that it takes far less time (and mistakes are far less obvious).

And if you’re looking for truly simple sweater patterns for kids… I’ve got you covered!

Fresh Melon Sideways Cardigan - Lion Brand
Fresh Melon Sideways Cardigan
Photo: Lion Brand

Simple, Sweet (and Free!) Knitting Patterns for Children’s Sweaters

Fresh Melon Sideways Cardigan: The simple instructions make this adorable pattern perfect for the beginning knitter. Experienced knitters will find themselves reaching for this pattern again and again for baby showers!

Pink Lemonade Hoodie - Lion Brand
Pink Lemonade Hoodie
Photo: Lion Brand

Pink Lemonade Hoodie: Just the name makes this hoodie irresistible, no? I especially love the two-button closure and the edging. The hood makes this otherwise easy pattern a great fit for new knitters ready for a bit more of a challenge.

Eyelet Remix Cardi - Lion Brand
Eyelet Remix Cardi
Photo: Lion Brand

Eyelet Remix Cardi: Don’t get nervous about the eyelet detail of this gorgeous pattern; it’s easier to knit than you might imagine. The yoke will require a bit more time to knit, but the sizing (ages 1 to 4 years) ensures more wear to make your knitting efforts well worth it.

Forest Glen Cardi - Lion Brand

Forest Glen Cardi: I’m not about to leave out the boys! This color-blocked cardigan pattern will offer such spiffy sweetness to little boys. Knit it in a boy’s favorite colors, and watch it become his favorite sweater.

Kids to Adult Hoodie - Lion Brand
Kids to Adult Hoodie
Photo: Lion Brand

Kid to Adult Hoodie: If you’re looking for one great pattern that you can knit for every kid in your life (and maybe even some adults), hold that thought. Now, take a look at this pattern. Its simplicity ensures that it will charm all ages, and its classic details (like the simple hood and the front hands pocket) will keep it fashionable for many years to come.

With autumn on the way, the time is right for a simple sweater for babies to teenagers and beyond!

Fall Sweater Knitting Patterns for Kids
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