Celebrate Autumn & Halloween with 8 Delightful Free Knitting Patterns

Autumn is in the Air! Celebrate the season and the upcoming Halloween holiday with these fabulous free knitting patterns

Autumn & Halloween knitting patterns

At the end of August or beginning of September, kids are returning to school. The summer is either beginning to break, or you’re just hoping it will soon. If you’re really lucky, the air has begun to cool and maybe even swirl a bit.

Maybe you’re starting to see more clouds. The day is getting darker earlier. Football games (in the US) have begun.

Can you tell that autumn is my favorite season??

Oh, and by the way… Halloween will be here before you know it.

I know, I know. Way to harsh my buzz, Nicole! Not trying to be a buzz-kill here. But if you want to be ready for Halloween — the first truly fun holiday since, at least in the US, Independence Day — you should probably start preparing soon!

Especially if you want to knit some fun stuff. Am I right?

Here, you’ll find some fun ways to bring Halloween into your home and life and maybe even the lives of people (or charities) around you.

Halloween Wear

Halloween Scarf - Lion Brand
Halloween Scarf
Photo: Lion Brand

Pumpkin socks: I love these socks because they don’t really scream “Halloween” in a gimmicky or kitchy way. Instead, the beautiful lace pattern is a subtle way to celebrate the pumpkin harvest season. You don’t have to knit them in orange, of course – any fall color would be delightful!

Halloween scarf: I just love this fluffy, funky Lion Brand scarf pattern. If you have orange and black eyelash yarn in your stash already, great! If not, what better excuse to buy some?

Halloween mittens: These fabulous mittens will warm your hands while you’re passing out Halloween candy. Warning — when moms and teenage girls see these, they’ll want a pair too.

Adult pumpkin hat: What better way to top off a Halloween scarf, mitts, and socks? Sleek and stylish, this is the perfect hat for Halloween — or really all of October!

Halloween home décor

I can’t think of a better way to get in the spirit of fall and Halloween than by decking your halls. Enjoy these delightful ways to get the autumn crispness into your home.

Pumpkin Dishcloths: When it’s still hot out, and you’re not ready to break out the wool or heavy acrylic yet? Ease the transition with this delightful pattern. Make it all in one color for a subtle look. Bold and adventurous? Work in a green stem!

Fall Wreath - Lion Brand
Fall Wreath
Photo: Lion Brand

Pumpkin Tea Cosy: How adorable would one of these look on your dining table or coffee table? What a fun way to keep your tea warm and your morning or afternoon bright.

Fall Wreath: Greet anyone who comes a-knocking — either before or after Halloween! — with this festive fall wreath. If you’re not really in the mood to make a wreath, no worries. Just pile the felted leaves in the center of your table for a winning centerpiece!

Felted Pumpkin - free fall pattern
Felted Pumpkin
Photo: Emmalouise on Ravelry

Felted Pumpkins: Speaking of felted, try adding autumn cheer to the rest of your house with one of these adorable pumpkins. And if you don’t want to felt them, they’ll still look really cute — especially if you use colors other than orange!

Honestly, seeing all these delightful free patterns makes me ready to bring on autumn with my knitting needles. Let’s do this!

For easy ways to add knitted pizzazz to kiddos’ Halloween costumes, check these out!

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  1. Love getting your emails. I am at the moment unable to do my knitting I am going crazy over here in NZ I have broken both wrists so cannot do much even tying this hurts . just wanted you to know I love this site and eagerly look forward to you mail and the patterns.

    1. Oh, Bindi! I’m so sorry to hear of your injury. Please rest up and get those wrists healed. You’re in my prayers!