5+ Free Ways to Knit Warmth for Your Dog

free dog sweater patterns
Dogs need knitted love, too! Here are 5 wonderful ways to keep your furry friend warm

Are you a dog lover?

I must admit that only in the last few years have I become a dog lover. That’s not to say I didn’t like and enjoy dogs. My family nearly always had either a dog or a cat (and sometimes both) when I was growing up. But once I was on my own, I can’t say I had a burning desire for a dog.

We might not have gotten a dog at all, were it not for my younger daughter. She has been a dog lover for as long as I can remember! Practically as soon as she was able to talk, she was begging us for a dog.

Early in her life, we were apartment or house renters, and that was our “excuse.” But when we began looking for a house of our own, she realized that once we had our own home, we could get a dog.

I knew we were out of excuses!

For the Love of a Dog

doggie sweater
Me (several hair colors ago) and Winnie, in one of her coats

Enter Winnie, our adopted terrier mix. We got her within maybe 2 or 3 months after moving into our current home. My younger may have been the catalyst to her adoption, but we’ve all fallen in love with her. Including me!

I love her intelligence, the way she comes running to the door when anyone comes home, and the way she’s all over you when she senses you need a friend.

(Since we visit family at least once a year, I also love that she’s an excellent car traveler.)

Oklahoma isn’t generally a cold state, but that’s not to say that at times it can get pretty cold. Since Winnie is a small dog (and one who’s accustomed to Oklahoma heat), we make sure to wrap her up in a warm jacket when it gets cold out. Also, when we travel to Michigan and Ohio.

At some point, I know I will run out of ways to cover my family in knitting love. And when that happens? I will definitely want to start covering Winnie in knitted warmth!

Are you ready to start covering your dog, too? If so, check out these terrific free knitting patterns and resources below!

Five (and more) Free Knitting Resources for Doggie Warmth

Side Button Greyhound Sweater
Photo: Terri Royea

Side Button Greyhound Sweater: Sweater patterns for tiny dogs abound. But big dogs — especially those with very short hair — need knitted warmth, too! Greyhounds inspired this lovely sweater. And a peek at the Projects tab reveals that you’ll love this pattern for other large, sleek dogs, too.

dog sweater free knitting pattern
Photo: Berroco

Buster: This is one of my favorite free dog sweater patterns ever. I love the jaunty collar and the buttons. The French bulldog shown here looks so dapper, doesn’t he? I’ll bet my Winnie would look adorable in this one, too…

The Original Custom Fit Dog Sweater: Esther Smith Bozak designed this picture-perfect dog sweater after years of searching for the perfect pattern, and now it’s online for you to enjoy. If find your dog hard to knit for due to his/her size, this may well be the perfect pattern for your pup.

The Original Custom Fit Dog Sweater
Photo: Dormousie

Web Generated Dog Sweater Pattern: Want to try your hand at designing a doggie sweater? This page is just what you need! Just knit a swatch of the yarn you’d like to use, then measure your dog and enter the measurements.  The site will then generate a special, custom fit pattern to match. Be sure to check out the adorable models on the Schematics page to see some of the results of this project.

Knitting Pattern Central’s Pet Patterns: Okay, I admit it. I’m totally cheating here. This isn’t just one doggie knitting pattern… it’s a whole bunch! You’ll find not only dog sweaters but also cat sweaters. As well as dog toys and blankets. And cat toys and blankets. You get the idea, right? This page of free patterns is a true rabbit hole for animal lovers. (Pun completely intentional.)

So if you love dogs, I hope one of these dog sweater (and more) resources puts a sparkle in your pup’s eye and a wag in their tail!

Check here for more free knitting patterns for your furry friends!