5 Delightful Free Knitting Patterns You’ll Love for Summer Fun

summer knitting patternsIf you’re not willing to set down your knitting needles during the summer, here are 5 summer knitting patterns you’ll love

Last summer, my family took advantage of super-cheap airfare and traveled to Annapolis, MD so we could take a few jaunts to Washington, D.C. We left right after school let out, and we relished the chance to take a breather.

Amidst all the sightseeing and the restaurants, we also found a fairly secluded beach in which to take a dip, look for shells and rocks, and just relax and bask in the sun.

And — for me — it was also a chance to knit. I worked on a pair of socks, if I remember correctly.

Do I ever stop knitting? Heck no. I knit in any weather: rain, snow, wind, sun. (Okay, so I usually stay inside to knit in the snow and the rain.)

But the point is, I don’t stop knitting when the weather grows warm, and I know most of you don’t either. I know this because I asked you a few years ago, and I didn’t get a single response that said “yeah, I put my needles away in the summer.”

At the same time, though, no one wants to knit blankets, sweaters, or scarves during the summer. When the temperature outside is already unbearable, who wants to feel suffocated under wool? I wasn’t about to bring an afghan in progress to the beach. I brought my lightweight socks-in-progress.

So if you’re heading for the beach — or even just a park or your front porch — here is a set of 5 simple, breezy summer knitting patterns that are a perfect fit for the heat.

5 Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

1. Lacy summer shawl This soft, pretty, and very feminine shawl is perfect for those sleeveless summer dresses. It’s pretty enough to wear to a wedding or fancy event once the sun goes down and you grab a chill, but casual enough to pair with jeans — which makes it the perfect summer accessory.

2. Tea wallet Are you carrying tea — or summer water flavoring packets — in a plastic bag or loose in your purse? Then you’ll love this source of easy knitting patterns, where you can learn to make a wallet specifically for your tea and drinks. These are super easy, super fast patterns, so you can always make a lot and sell them at your next garage sale.

3. Lacy summer top Here again, we have free knit patterns perfect for summer: a lacy top that can go over jeans and a t-shirt or a great dress and or skirt combo. This one looks professionally made when you finish.

4. Topitos Baby Rompers This is a great opportunity to knit a new baby gift that isn’t warm, itchy, uncomfortable, or set to be too small by the time it’s needed. Baby will love to wear this cute romper, and you’ll love making it. (The primary pattern is in Spanish, but you can follow a link on the Ravelry page for an English version.)

5. Sampler Placemats These placemats would look fantastic at a barbecue, and they make fantastic hostess gifts for a casual get-together (if you can bear to part with them). These are also great easy knitting patterns for those looking to expand their horizons but still nervous about knitting actual clothing.

Don’t let the summer heat keep you from knitting — not with these fantastic free summer knitting patterns to carry you through!

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  1. I only get Tweed Pattern placemat when I downloaded from this site…..don’t know where to find the other theee…..look interesting and fun summer knitting….

    1. All four pattern variations should be in the same document. They were when I downloaded it. Let me know if you don’t see the other three, I can make arrangements to email the document with all four.

  2. I got all excited about the placemats – those would be a *perfect* gift for my mom – but in all the link clicking, I was only able to access one of the four patterns shown. Do you happen to know where I can find the other three? Thanks!

    1. Did you download the pattern? All 4 versions are in the same pattern document. Hope that helps!