10 Clever and Unique Free Knitting Patterns for All Kinds of Bags

free knitting patterns for bags

Yes, you can knit that! Check out these 10 free knitting patterns for bags of all shapes & sizes

How many times have you been tempted to buy something that you need, or maybe just want, and then stopped yourself with this thought:

“Wait a minute… I’m pretty sure I could knit that!”

I’ve got to confess that since I became a knitter? I find myself thinking this a lot.

Now, total honesty: I don’t really follow through all that often. For instance, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve made myself a sweater. (And that would be by holding up my fist. Yeah, it’s on the bucket list.)

But I’ve done this often with hats and fingerless mitts and cowls, because those are some seriously satisfying projects!

Another satisfying project that we knitters don’t often think of? Bags. Purses, market-style mesh bags, cell phone bags, and so on. Now, I’m not like the typical knitter in that I knitted a bag early on in my knitting life. So I find myself drawn to them all the time.

But if you’ve never really thought of making a bag for yourself (or someone you love)? Friend, it’s time to change that!

The following are several free, fabulous knitting patterns that will produce delightful bags of all shapes and sizes!

Fabulous free knitting patterns for bags of all kinds

Linen Stitch Shoulder Bag
Photo: Sarah Bradberry

1. Linen Stitch Shoulder Bag I love this purse. It makes me think of the super-trendy stuff that folks like to show off on Instagram! Whether you’re a Woodstock wannabe, a trendy teen, or just someone who wants something cute to hold a wallet and a phone, this bag will definitely make you smile.

2 through 4. Kitty, Sunflower, and Hand Grenade Bags I find these bags adorable, fascinating, and perfect for kiddos!

“Kitty” is the Kitty Pencil Box, a clever way to turn a simple pencil bag into something preciously cute.

“Sunflower” is the gorgeous Sunflower Bag, which you’d almost never believe is knitted! You’ll use small bits of feltable wool and eyelash yarn to create a sun-sational bag.

Knitted bag
Hand Grenade
Photo: Ravelry user Eridineon

Finally, for boys who might find kitty pencil bags and sunflower bags too “girly,” there’s Hand Grenade. You’ll be amazed at just how much it looks like its namesake.

5 and 6. Itsybitsy and Kitchen Sink Bags The name says it all! Do you need a small bag to stash away a few stray items? Or are you in need of a bag that’ll hold all your worldly possessions? Either way, one of these patterns will suit your needs.

7 through 9.. Deco Ribbon Cell Phone Bags This is a set of 3 knitting patterns that create adorable little bags perfect for cell phones. Ribbon yarn is the basis for all three yarns, but I’ve found success using a number of different kinds of novelty yarns.

knitted bag pattern

First there’s the Ribbed Stitch Easy Bag. This is the simplest of the lot, and it’s a great choice for a yarn you want to show off.

Next is the Garter Stitch Deco-Ribbon with Splash trim and handle. I’ve knitted this one a few times, and I love the way that eyelash yarn at the top looks.

knitted bag pattern

Finally, there’s the Stockinette Stitch with Looped Fizz/Deco-Ribbon. This is the first cell phone bag I ever knitted, and it’s inspired most of the cell phone bags I’ve knitted since! (And I’ve knitted an awful lot.) I love the look of the looped stitches at the top.

felted knitted bag

Felted Cosmetic Clutch with Tassels
Photo:Terry L. Ross

10. Felted Cosmetic Clutch with Tassels I can’t resist patterns that serve a purpose. This cute little number is a perfect example. What a great way to gather up all your spare lipstick and mascara!

Now, the next time you see some really cool bag out in the wild? You can think to yourself, “Hey, I can knit that!”

You can find more knitted accessories patterns here!

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