10 Clever and Unique Free Knitting Patterns for All Kinds of Bags

Yes, you can knit that! Check out these 10 free knitting patterns for bags of all shapes & sizes

How many times have you been tempted to buy something that you need, or maybe just want, and then stopped yourself with this thought:

“Wait a minute… I’m pretty sure I could knit that!”

Since I became a knitter, I find myself thinking this a lot.

Now, total honesty: I don’t follow through as often as I perhaps could. For instance, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve made myself a sweater. (And that would be by holding up my fist. Yeah, it’s on the bucket list.)

But I’ve done this often with hats and fingerless mitts and cowls, because those are some seriously satisfying projects!

Another satisfying project that we knitters don’t often think of? Bags. Purses, market-style mesh bags, cell phone bags, and so on. Now, I’m not like the typical knitter in that I knitted a bag early on in my knitting life. So I find myself drawn to them all the time.

But if you’ve never really thought of making a bag for yourself (or someone you love)? Friend, it’s time to change that!

The following are several free, fabulous knitting patterns that will produce delightful bags of all shapes and sizes!

Seriously Stylish Bags

Linen Stitch Shoulder Bag
Photo: Sarah Bradberry

Linen Stitch Shoulder Bag

  • What you’ll need to make it: About 240 yards (100 g) worsted weight yarn; US Size 6 needles; 2 buttons
  • Why you’ll want to: This purse makes me think of the super-trendy stuff that folks like to show off on Instagram! Whether you’re a Woodstock wannabe, a trendy teen, or just someone who wants something cute to hold a wallet and a phone, this purse will make you smile.

Sunflower Bag

Sunflower Bag - Sharonsyarn on Ravelry
Sunflower Bag
Photo: Sharonsyarn on Ravelry
  • What you’ll need to make it: 430 yards green, 30 to 60 yards yellow, and 10 to 20 yards brown worsted weight wool yarn; 10 to 20 yards brown (and optional gray) eyelash yarn; US Size 11 DPNs and/or circular needles, depending on how you prefer to knit in the round; smaller size circular needle for picking up stitches
  • Why you’ll want to: This bag is so gorgeous that many will struggle to believe it’s knitted! You have the option of knitting two bags that are joined together (one larger, one smaller) or single bags in a larger size and a smaller size. Regardless of how you choose to make it, these beautiful bags are sure to wow anyone!

Magnificent Bags That Fill a Need

Hand Grenade

  • What you’ll need to make it: Small amounts of worsted weight olive green and gunmetal gray yarn; US Size 6 or 7 needles; keyring (for the “pin”)
Knitted bag
Hand Grenade
Photo: Eridineon on Ravelry
  • Why you’ll want to: The finished product looks remarkably like its namesake! If you want to make a bag for boys, this one is bound to be a hit. (Do be warned, many of the Ravelry knitters who created this say that the pattern is difficult to decipher. You may need to improvise from time to time.)

Kitty Pencil Box

  • What you’ll need to make it: About 60 yards worsted weight yarn (in a kitty-type color), plus small amounts of black and white yarn for embroidering; US Size 5 needles (straight or circular) and US Size 5 DPNs (for I-cord); 9-inch-long zipper to match yarn color
  • Why you’ll want to: I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to create an adorable pencil bag like this for kiddos to use at school! Or at home, for that matter.

Itsybitsy and Kitchen Sink Bags

  • What you’ll need to make it: 608 yards worsted weight cotton yarn (enough to make both bags); US Size 9 straight and/or 24-inch circular needles; stitch markers; stitch holders (scrap yarn and/or a spare DPN will work in a pinch)
  • Why you’ll want to: Do you need a small bag to stash away a few stray items? This pattern has you covered. Or, are you in need of a bag that’ll hold all your worldly possessions? This pattern has you covered there, too. With one pattern, you can make one of each!
felted knitted bag

Felted Cosmetic Clutch with Tassels
Photo:Terry L. Ross

Felted Cosmetic Clutch with Tassels

  • What you’ll need to make it: 109 yards each of two complementary colors of 100% super bulky wool yarn; US Size 11 DPNs or circular needles, depending on how you prefer to knit in the round; 12 small tassels; snap (optional)
  • Why you’ll want to: Come, now, surely I don’t need to explain this… how cute is this adorable clutch? It’s the perfect thing to carry for a night on the town. Or, just use it at home to gather some or all of your cosmetics.

You can find more knitted accessories patterns here!

Handy-Dandy Cell Phone Bags

Deco Ribbon Cell Phone Bags: This is a set of 3 knitting patterns that create adorable little bags perfect for cell phones. Ribbon yarn is the basis for all three yarns, but I’ve found success using a number of different kinds of novelty yarns.

Ribbed Stitch Easy Bag

  • What you’ll need to make it: 80 yards ribbon yarn; US Size 9 needles
  • Why you’ll want to: This little bag is the simplest of the lot! It knits up in a flash, and it’s a great pattern for a gorgeous ribbon yarn you want to show off.
knitted bag pattern
Garter Stitch Deco-Ribbon with Splash

Garter Stitch Deco-Ribbon with Splash

  • What you’ll need to make it: 80 yards ribbon yarn; less than 50 yards eyelash yarn; US Size 9 needles
  • Why you’ll want to: This is nearly as simple to make as the Ribbed Stitch Easy Bag! I’ve knitted this pattern a few times, and I love the way that eyelash yarn at the top looks. (The pattern calls for knitting the strap with eyelash yarn, but you could also use ribbon yarn instead, as I did here.)

knitted bag pattern

Stockinette Stitch with Looped Fizz/Deco-Ribbon

  • What you’ll need to make it: 80 yards ribbon yarn; less than 60 yards eyelash yarn; US Size 9 needles
  • Why you’ll want to: This is the first cell phone bag I ever knitted, and it’s inspired most of the cell phone bags I’ve knitted since! (And I’ve lost count of the number I’ve made.) It’s just as easy as the other two, but I really love the looped stitches at the top. They make this bag especially playful.

Now, the next time you see some really cool bag out in the wild? You can think to yourself, “Hey, I can knit that!”

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